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Podcast roving between the East and the West in Japanese and English

John Craig, (a.k.a. Echan deravy) born in Scotland, has lived multiple lives as an expat in Japan. He has been an entrepreneur in the West and the East, has written over 40 books on new paradigm science, spirituality, travel and ancient civilization as well as translated works on consciousness, health and ecology. As a documentary film maker he has recently produced 'Why on Earth' about a barefoot walk across Iceland as well as 'Earth Pilgrims' filmed in six different countries. He has interviewed dozens of individuals from both the East and the West and published their talks in Japanese. He has been a corporate  adviser, adventure tour leader, interpreter, free lance journalist, lecturer and television commentator in Japan. His ground breaking lecture series Echan Juku has close to 200 eighty minute lectures in Japanese with an eclectic following of people who crave solid, different and empowering information. As a disaster relief worker he has been inside Japan's worst tsunami devastation as a truck driver as well as built a typhoon bunker with earthship volunteers on Leyte island in the Philippines. He has practised zen all his adult life and has a penchant for arcane mysticism especially from the 13th century. He introduced earthing to Japan and has begun a substantial movement under the banner of Earthling. It is the intention of this podcast to explore Why on Earth we , as humans, have gotten so far off track in our relationship to our planet, each other and thus to ourselves. This podcast will therefore decidedly not focus on only one topic but will certainly zoom in on one vital balance, that between the East and the West, the Inner and the Outer, the Male and the Female, the spiritual and the material. He will interview people you will discover have been tackling the Pacific Rim Divide, the Samurai curtain, the communication gulf that actually does exist between our left brains and our right. Intuition and reason will thus be conjoined! You can watch his documentary here:

George Tani , later to become Screaming Mad George, was born in Japan and headed out to seek his fortune in New York at the age of eighteen. Thus began an incredible story leading to his becoming a major makeup artist in Hollywood long before computer graphics rendered that art form obsolete. From his awakening through Salvador Dali's work to his punk rock band and on to a series of serendipity he landed on his feet with the major makeup artists of the era in Los Angeles. They mentored him as he worked for free as an assistant that led to his beginning a very successful career in that industry. From The Howling, American Werewolf and on to Cocoon he was introduced to an entirely new form of horror and SF surrrealism that he was totally ready to do something with. George is a great example of a man who learned as he moved and shows us how an artist can never really stand still. His time in the US with nine years in New York and two decades in L.A. finally led him back to Japan where he now teaches his skills to others. You can see him in action here with his punk band :

and at one of his art shows in Germany here:

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For over 600 years Kyogen comedy has been part of the cultural fabric of Japan. It had always been an intrinsic form of entertainment for the common people until the Edo period when samurai lords decided they would make it their own, thus in a sense fossilizing its ad lib brilliance in favour of a more scripted and sanitized art. Always kept in the rather rarified domain of special families of performers its popularity has waned and many modern Japanese have never experienced its unique dynamism, its sophisticated yet hilarious word play and its multitextured stories. Tadashi Ogasawara, not from any of these traditional families, was suddenly introduced to Kyogen at the age of seventeen and has become a leading innovator and international performer as a result. In this first of a series of interviews we have the chance to hear the disciple of a National living treasure share his initial journey into this truly fascinating world. In months to come he will continue to train artists in France and has recently performed the very first Kyogen in Algeria, ever! A subtitled Youtube version of this interview will be available next year. See his website in English and Japanese here:

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What is the BOX? How do we find out about that space we choose to live inside of? Clint has been on the front lines of helping people to see just how we construct it and then, more importantly, how we move beyond it through tried and tested evolutionary games we can all learn to play. This seminal theatre of possibilities belongs to us all and after more than four decades of trial and error Clint has gleaned some real jewels that he shares with us here.

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Ryo Onishi teaches the Russian martial art called SYSTEMA (The System) in both English and Japanese. He was the first Japanese to be given the honour of becoming an instructor of this ancient discipline and now heads the Systema Osaka centre as well as teaching around the world. He had just returned from recent teaching seminars in Europe and Australia as well as at the top school outside of Russia in Canada when we sat down in the empty practise hall to talk. But this interview is not about how to overcome opponents and become a martial arts superman. In fact systema, with a thousand years of history behind it defies our modern classifications of martial arts. Rather than try to explain its unique methods of teaching this interview focuses on the man who practises and teaches it as a way of rather profound personal growth in all areas. Beginning with Ryo taking the leap of faith to move from Japan to the UK and the very stiff challenges he faces as a young student with limited English ability, through to his growing awareness of just how much systema can impact lives, Ryo speaks from the heart with a quiet humility that says it all. Now that systema has rapidly become the martial art of choice for many around the world it is a timely interview with a seasoned practitioner. Enjoy his insights as one who bridges East and West with a quiet kindness and a disarming sincerity.

Welcome to the real twilight zone, the one they will tell you does not exist. New York born Greg Sullivan, mentored by world renowned disclosure expert Dr. Steven Greer, has been teaching ET contact protocols in Japan for years and has a truly unique story to tell of how high level obfuscation, cover ups and sheer bad will have clouded this single most important issue for all of us (in my humble opinion) i.e. extraterrestrial contact. Dr. Greer's decades long effort to clear a path through this murky story have been exemplary and have culminated in the Netflix film Unacknowledged. Greg shows us how not only is disinformation about UFO phenomena the norm but that they are being manipulated through ARV. These are human made and piloted Alien Reproduction Vehicles that form a part of the extraordinary narrative he shares with us. Throughout Japan Greg has taught people how to make contact, film it and document it in a way that is both enlightening and highly enjoyable, thus arresting the tired old image of 'nasty aliens who abduct people'. That was always a con job from the start by three letter agencies. As a contactee myself with years of experience in the field I can attest to the veracity of his statements and fully support both his and Dr. Greer's work. Greg Sullivan is a great example of a man with a clear mission, one that is vitally important now in Japan to clear away so much of the UFO nonsense still being peddled. Bravo!