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Podcast roving between the East and the West in Japanese and English

John Craig, (a.k.a. Echan deravy) born in Scotland, has lived multiple lives as an expat in Japan. He has been an entrepreneur in the West and the East, has written over 40 books on new paradigm science, spirituality, travel and ancient civilization as well as translated works on consciousness, health and ecology. As a documentary film maker he has recently produced 'Why on Earth' about a barefoot walk across Iceland as well as 'Earth Pilgrims' filmed in six different countries. He has interviewed dozens of individuals from both the East and the West and published their talks in Japanese. He has been a corporate  adviser, adventure tour leader, interpreter, free lance journalist, lecturer and television commentator in Japan. His ground breaking lecture series Echan Juku has close to 200 eighty minute lectures in Japanese with an eclectic following of people who crave solid, different and empowering information. As a disaster relief worker he has been inside Japan's worst tsunami devastation as a truck driver as well as built a typhoon bunker with earthship volunteers on Leyte island in the Philippines. He has practised zen all his adult life and has a penchant for arcane mysticism especially from the 13th century. He introduced earthing to Japan and has begun a substantial movement under the banner of Earthling. It is the intention of this podcast to explore Why on Earth we , as humans, have gotten so far off track in our relationship to our planet, each other and thus to ourselves. This podcast will therefore decidedly not focus on only one topic but will certainly zoom in on one vital balance, that between the East and the West, the Inner and the Outer, the Male and the Female, the spiritual and the material. He will interview people you will discover have been tackling the Pacific Rim Divide, the Samurai curtain, the communication gulf that actually does exist between our left brains and our right. Intuition and reason will thus be conjoined! You can watch his documentary here:

The ancient dichotomy of mind and body has led science to physical realism i.e. an observable and very real, objective and concrete 'world' exists irrespective of you or I perceiving it. Philosophy and religion have had other views of spirit and mind but not until people like Dr. Bernardo Kastrup appeared have we had such a rigorous re-examination of the so called 'physicalist' paradigm and in fact a total refutation of it. With his new book now a best seller before it is even published Bernardo Kastrup has taken the metaphysical and scientific world by storm. With impeccable logic he clearly and most finally informs us in no uncertain terms that materialism is baloney. It really IS all in the mind..

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Imagine a Shaolin monk with acupuncture needles riding on a Navajo horse from the ancient plains of a forgotten sense of healing and wellness. A quiet and unassuming master of somatic awareness and modern medical systems who suggests people get into cold showers, sober up and get with their whole selves. Hailing from the hinterlands of British Columbia's rugged landscapes Michael Smith is both a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, a gifted martial artist and an experiencer of the hunting and trapping lifestyle of his aboriginal roots. In this deep interview he counsels us well as to the meaning of integrative health solutions and acts as our health detective always pointing the way with unique and meaningful stories culled from his own rich training in multiple disciplines. He asks us to envisage ourselves as the horse upon which the samurai sits with binoculars i.e. to a far more total sense of being in this world as dysfunctional and often addicted primates. He does it with compassion and care and most of all with knowledge. Don't miss it!

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What do Tesseracts, Philip K. Dick, Photosynthesis,the Titanic, Freudian dreams, Norman Mailer, UFO, Quantum entanglement, Sexy science research, Minkowski's block universe, Synchronicity re-defined, Remote viewing re-viewed, Occult Prague, Anthropology, Unemployed Jungian Archetypes, Jacques Vallee and Flying Koans all connect to? Dr. Eric Wargo, author of Time Loops: Precognition, Retrocausation and the Unconscious answers the question in this scintillating discussion of where we have come back from and where we went to get here.

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Picture yourself with a group of forty people. You want to enter an ancient Egyptian temple but these days they are guarded by folks who would prefer that they not be used for ceremonies. You play cat and mouse to get in and you do! Who but a highly creative and able shaman would attempt such a travesty on pop tourism, where taking pictures and listening to the same old sarcophagus stories might suffice. Nicki has conducted over 60 such journeys to Egypt alone and it is always with the same idea in mind: connect to those same deities the ancient Egyptians held in such high esteem. The Gods never was only us who made that tragic decision to disconnect. And now look at the planet! Nicki is a wise elder in an ageless school, and she recommends self initiation in these dire days of planetary emergency. Like all good shamans she does not call herself one. Enjoy this refreshing banter with a priestess of the temple.
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The late twentieth century saw the advent of a stunningly unique phenomenon on the internet. Called 'The Wingmakers' it purported to be a radical understanding of who we are and where we are going as a species. Chris Lock, a trained architect, talented artist and long time educator in Japan's university system shares his journey from Buddhism in the UK to his experience of profound enlightenment through his deep study of the Wingmakers cosmology. It is a fascinating window into the probable future. Chris has written a world class paper on the Wingmakers' material that can be downloaded at his site here: or directly here as a PDF:

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