Quality Under Pressure

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We're a variety podcast reminding the world that engaging in a conversation is still a beautiful thing. Each episode features a new guest who shares their story.

This episode's guest is Leah.

We dove into: art & lettering; wedding & wedding planning; Yellowcard & Warped Tour; vacations & planning vacations as a group; and divorce & self-reflection.

A huge thanks to Leah for being so open & honest with us during this episode. Also for designing the Q.U.P logo.

Art & Lettering - 2:32

Weddings - 11:02

Wedding Dresses - 16:39

Speed Round - 19:22

Yellowcard, Warped Tour, and Punk Music - 25:43

Tokyo, Colorado, and Vacations - 35:10

Planning For Others - 41:06

Leah's Creative Process - 44:36

A Yeah of Self-Reflection - 50:35

Divorce - 58:56

The Q.U.P Podcast - 1:09:03

Podcast Comedy Humor Variety Art Lettering Lisa Frank Disney Freelance Weddings Dresses Yellowcard Warped Tour Punk Music Snowta Skrillex Marshmello Tokyo Colorado Vacations Bouldering Divorce

This episode's guest is Andy.

Apple fitness challenge at 1:21

Speed round at 6:48

Hot dogs vs. Hamburgers at 10:33

Fred Rogers at 17:24

China's social rating at 23:58

Book of Mormon at 32:43

D.A.R.E at 4:22

Podcast Podcasts Minnesota Minneapolis Comedy Humor Apple Fitness Health Hot Dogs Hamburgers New Found Glory Neil deGrasse Tyson Fred Rogers Mr. Rogers Hawaii Wheeler Walker Jr. China Black Mirror Japan Culture Military Book of Mormon South Park DARE Matt Stone Trey Parker

This episode's guest is Ian.

Ian is going through a career transition — he shares his thought process and what that transition has been like.

We also get into public transit use & travelling.

Podcasts Minnesota Comedy Humor Mayo Clinic College Graduate School Travel Australia Chicago Miami Public Restrooms Asia Cars Public Transit Transportation Public Safety New York Subways School Academia Career MBA

This episode's guest is Steve.

What do you get when you put 4 immature boys in a room together? The raunchiest episode of the Quality Under Pressure Podcast yet.

We go deep into video games & e-sports early on in the episode. Later on, we get into dating where Steve shares some great stories about dates he's been on. The podcast ends with a discussion about bronies & furries.

Asian Culture Culture Podcasts Minnesota Comedy Humor Street Fighter Video Games Super Smash Brothers Korean Gamers Gay Bars Gay Homosexual Sexuality Buffalo New York Rick and Morty Morty Twitch Streaming Ninja Swatted eSports Overwatch Dating Online Dating Pizza Ranch Poop Food Internet Internet Counter Culture Bronies Furries