Project Leap

Project Leap is a podcast for Doers - Regional Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Join Regional Doers Tara Jacobsen - Neven and Meredith Papas digging up stories on innovation and growth in the sticks. These tales about rural, regional and remote innovators and entrepreneurs will inspire you, teach you and open your mind to opportunities and possibilities. This podcast is to share with the world some of the incredible talent that exists in the regional areas. It brings to light some of the challenges that exist for communities and business in these regions, and celebrates how these doers are solving problems and making things happen.

As doers, taking the leap in the first place is scary. We all know that. But scaling up? Taking the risk to compete on a global scale? That is a different story.. Jason Toevs spoke with Meredith and Tara in Episode Four of Project Leap; imparting some of his vast knowledge around scaling up and backing yourself in a global setting. Jason has Australia in his blood, lives and works in the US, and has made scaling up in a global marketplace into an art form. Whatever your business, staying blinkered with a local mindset could be cruelling your business' potential. Listen to Jason for some great insight in thinking big. 

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In Project Leap's break out episode, Queensland-based innovator Deb Rae shares her personal and entrepreneureal journey, and in chatting with Tara and Meredith, she explores how defining moments in those two worlds have shaped who she is today and how she came to commit to a positive and constructive mindset. 

Based in Mackay, Deb's business and philanthropic achievements are underpinned by her incredible qualifications. But, here, it's her honesty and raw, no-nonsense truths which will resonate with listeners and have yousaving this episode to your 'favouites' list.

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