Live a more optimistic life, and turn impossible into possible.

We all have a superpower. Mine is turning impossible into possible. It’s time to silence negativity and embrace optimism, inspiration, and hope. We can achieve so much more if we simply believe, but a little encouragement doesn’t hurt and that’s why I’ve created this podcast. My name is Cas McCullough. I'm an author, founder of a tech startup, singer-songwriter and mother of 3... and this is Possible.

The first ever podcast interview I did was with today’s guest Suzi Dafnis, so it was a real pleasure to talk to Suzi and learn about her journey, confidence, and the valuable things she’s learned in more than 20 years as a business owner. Originally published on Your Brilliant Un-Career, I am re-podcasting it in Possible. No doubt I'll interview Suzi again this year, but there are a lot of awesome lessons about confidence and business here that are worth their weight in gold. Suzi runs HerBusiness and she is passionate about helping women business owners and entrepreneurs fill in the gaps in their knowledge so they can be more successful and gain confidence in themselves as women and as business owners. Suzi is one of the women business leaders I admire the most and I think, after listening to this interview today, you’ll see why. So let’s get stuck into today’s episode.

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In today’s episode, I talk to Author, Podcaster and Editor of Flying Solo Kelly Exeter about creating space to make it possible to be more productive, do less and “be” more. How do you make space possible? We talk about the importance of setting boundaries and prioritising in order to save your sanity. I actually recorded this interview with Kelly nearly 12 months ago, and it’s been great listening to it again and reflecting on where I was then to where I am now. I had to do some drastic things to create space because I was heading to burnout city. Listening back to this interview was a great reminder to slow down and not worry about the Fear of Missing Out. If you struggle with overwhelm and busyness, this is the episode for you. 

Ps: The sound at the beginning of the interview is a bit tinny. My apologies. I knocked my mic over just before I recorded the intro. It gets better about 2 mins in. Time to buy yet another mic.

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When I was a child I never wanted to grow up, because I felt grownups were way too serious. Now that I’m a grownup, I feel like I’ve lost that childlike sense of playfulness in my day to day life. Having kids definitely brings it all back, but often-times I feel the pressure of my grownup commitments and forget that being silly, jumping, giggling and playing make believe are better than therapy.

Studies show that when kids ask us to play with them, it’s their version of saying “can we have a chat? I need to unload.” Why should it be any different for grownups?

Having more fun can also help you connect with your inner child. Fun is contagious and being silly and carefree can help you loosen up and free your body, mind and spirit.

We can get so bogged down in work that we forget to have fun! So I invited the queen of fun, Angela Counsel onto the show to share her story about starting a movement to encourage women business owners and entrepreneurs to have more fun so that they can open up to creativity and avoid burnout. If you want to live a more possible life, fun is an essential ingredient. Listen in to today’s show to find out more.

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As an Aspie kid, empathy wasn’t something that naturally fell into my wheelhouse growing up, but over the years I’ve read lots of books, observed lots of people and made lots of mistakes. I am still working on this skill but I know it is possible to develop a sense of empathy with willpower and practice.

In today’s show, Media and Marketing maven Michelle Falzon and I dig deep into empathy and how it can be used to connect with people in a business context. Of course, these lessons can be applied regardless of what context you apply them in, but empathy is not often talked about in the marketing space, so I was intrigued by Michelle’s take on this.

Show notes:  http://casmccullough.com/p4-empathy-makes-true-connection-possible-feat-michelle-falzon/

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In today’s episode, the Merrymaker Sisters Emma and Carla Papas share their take on making healthy choices. Are you making healthy choices? For your mind to work at peak capacity, your body needs some lovin’ as well! The Merrymakers share how to get started and how to make it easy and fun! We even do a plank live on the show! 

Show notes: http://casmccullough.com/p3-making-healthy-life-possible-feat-merrymaker-sisters

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