Pieces of Wisdom

Interviews with icons and role models

Finn (Year 5) and Carrigan (Year 6) from the Central West Leadership Academy, Dubbo, NSW take an in-depth journey through the lives of local role models and icons. We created this podcast independently to inform people about the twists and turns, ups and downs, pros and cons on the journey to becoming a public figure. At the end of the discussion, we ask the interviewee for a piece of wisdom they wish they had at our age.

Hello everyone and a happy new year! In this interview, we talk to DCFM morning show presenter and former Dubbo councillor, Richard Mutton. He gave us some very insightful pieces of information that we found interesting and we think that you will too.


In episode 4 of our podcast, Pieces of Wisdom, we are honoured to interview a nationally renowned and famous artist whose heritage lies in Dubbo… Mojo Juju!!! This was a very interesting interview with not only one interviewee, but two, as we were joined by Mojo's bass player and collaborator, Yeo! Mojo had a very interesting piece of wisdom we hope you all will enjoy. Her heart-warming stories surprised and pleased us. It only goes to show how far Dubbo can go in diversity and difference.

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In episode three of our podcast, Pieces of Wisdom, we interview Troy Grant, Member for Dubbo, Minister for Police, and Minister for Emergency Services. We talk to him about everything from his childhood in Maitland, to his two Commissioner's Commendation for Courage awards and his views on justice. We were moved by his stories and appreciated his words of wisdom.

Carrigan and Finn here! In this episode, we interview Dubbo Regional Councillor Jane Diffey about Clare's Angels, Rett Syndrome and her call to leadership. We were really inspired by the Piece of Wisdom she gave us and hope that it will inspire you too. It was a great to meet such an inspirational local leader and hope you find her journey as engaging as we did.

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Stephen Lawrence is Country Labor's candidate for Dubbo in the 2018 state election. He is also part of the Dubbo Council. We discuss everything from his childhood in Griffith, to his experience as a barrister, to traveling to Afghanistan and getting a medal from the Australian Government. Tune in to hear this episode, packed with Stephen Lawrence’s pieces of wisdom.

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