Out Of Office

business, brand, and being for modern millennials.

An over-excited professional story teller and a bad-ass General Manager of good times - We are two 26 year old's doing business AND doing life in a world where it sometimes feels like we have too many choices, too many changing landscapes, and not enough time to sift through the magnitude of business and life advice that is slowly becoming irrelevant. We are committed to working SMARTER, and learning as much as we can about the new choices we are presented with every day as millennial humans - After all what is knowledge if it isn't shared? We talk Business, Personal Brand, Mindset, Goals, Success, Social Media, and everything in between... and we won't apologise for being real about it.

We have some good news, and some bad news... Did you know that you most likely already have a personal brand - even if you didn't create one? We chat through how to own it, and some fun little tricks and tips to shape it in a way that reflects YOU, before other people shape it for you. Personal Brand is a huge, complicated beast and something we could probably discuss for a REALLY long time (but we won't... yet!) In this episode we begin to scratch the surface of living in a world where business and branding are now intertwined through social media... and we even tell you to google yourself which is always a good time!!

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Welcome to Coffee Chat!! Our mid-week, short form episodes featuring all sorts of 'water-cooler' topics that we generally talk about over our mid-morning coffee instead - how millennial!

This week Danni and I have a casual chat through the concept of #workwives and whether you can have friends in the workplace, and what this means for millennials. After all, it IS how we actually met...

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This week we welcome our first guest - Jacob Laba. A long time friend of Kate's and now a new friend of Danni's - Jacob is an everyday human making a career leap from what seems like one end of the job scale to the other - a complete leap of faith. Danni has done this 4 times, and Kate might even have a bombshell to drop too....
We talk cycles, feelings and just bloody doing it - and if you're wondering what the book Kate talks about is ACTUALLY called - it's "L’art de la Liste: Simplify, Organise and Enrich Your Life"

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Have you ever woken up to find yourself mindlessly scrolling? Or gotten into bed and scrolled for another hour of your precious sleep time? Yep, us too!! So after talking Productivity Hacks in Episode 3 - we tested the new iPhone feature that helps you monitor your screen time - HALLELUJAH!

In Episode 4 we chat productivity in digital world, and how to actually be SMART with your smart phone - breaking the habits you may not have been aware you even had, and de-cluttering your smartphone to help de-clutter your brain!

productivity digital detox social media screen time iphone iphone hacks digital decluttering business mindset

In episode three we chat 'Hustle Culture' and how busy doesn't always mean successful. We offer up 3 of our favourite productivity hacks for "busy" millennials! Losers have goals, and winners have systems....

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