Off the Record

Off The Record is a revolutionary new podcast ser…

Off The Record is a revolutionary new podcast series by the journalists at the Law Society of NSW's award-winning LSJ magazine. Hosted by Kate Allman and Claire Chaffey, this podcast aims to shine a light on dark issues affecting lawyers in Australia. Off the Record will feature episodes on topics including mental health, eating disorders, substance abuse and bullying – exploring vulnerabilities that exist among humans in all industries, but are rarely discussed among lawyers. The first episode investigates alcohol use and abuse in the legal profession and includes interviews with psychologist and CEO of the Happiness Institute Tim Sharp as well as former Channel Seven journalist and recovering alcoholic Talitha Cummins.

2018 has seen an historic outpouring of men and women sharing their stories of sexual harassment at work. Until now, lawyers have remained relatively silent about their own #MeToo stories. But the whisperings are growing louder. Episode 2 of Off The Record exposes a hidden scourge driving talent away from the profession.

Hosted by journalist Kate Allman, featuring interviews with Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins, Womens Agenda Editor Georgina Dent, employment lawyer Josh Bornstein, Vice-President of Australian Women Lawyers Association Leah Marrone and CEO of the Law Society of NSW Michael Tidball.

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Studies have shown lawyers are three times as likely as the general population to be problem drinkers, and yet alcohol is served at almost every work function in the legal industry. And while many lawyers are aware of the risks around depression and mental health in the legal industry, the "drinking culture" in law is often less spoken about. Episode 1 of Off the Record delves deeper into the "taboo" issue of alcoholism in law. Does the legal profession have a drinking problem? And what does stress, deadlines and anxiety have to do with it? Tune in for a compelling discussion with practising lawyers, journalists and psychologists including former Channel Seven journalist Talitha Cummins and Dr Tim Sharp of the Happiness Institute. Hosted by LSJ editors Claire Chaffey and Kate Allman.