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Cridine is Fighting for your Freedom by exposing the Criminal Injustice System. Each year, millions of people are wrongfully charged to fulfill the Prisoners 4 Profit agenda. For more information visit Cridine.com

Criminal Defense Investigator proves client was wrongfully arrested. Case dismissed, arresting officer sentenced to 2 years in prison. For more information, visit Cridine.com

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Major Brands and Corporations utilize Private Prison Labor Forces to make Trillions of Dollars on profits each year. For a list of these Brands, visit https://www.cridine.com/blogs/post/podcast-2

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@cridinecdi podcast about the epic @isaacwrightjr conquest and redemption against the Criminal Injustice System. We found this story through the @bxfightclub video. @50cent is doing a production of the #giantslayer #notguilty.

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Get all of the facts, so you can see every point of view.

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