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Pilgrims who have walked the Camino de Santiago tell the story of their Camino

A weekly podcast featuring interviews with pilgrims from around the world who have walked the many paths to the remains of Christ's Apostle St James in Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. Hosted by Sydney broadcaster and producer Dan Mullins, My Camino - the podcast will explore pilgrims' motivation for undertaking their Camino, what they carried, where they stayed, how far they walked each day and many other questions. We'll also explore the mystical nature of the Camino ~ and what makes it so special to so many pilgrims from around the globe. If you're a pilgrim or are thinking of completing the Camino de Santiago, this podcast is for you.

The twenty truths you will learn on the Camino

Boston-based author, blogger and photographer Rachel Rueckert takes us through twenty of the sure-fired experiences of the Camino de Santiago

I guarantee you'll agree with at least 19!!

Enjoy ~ and follow Rachel's writing at and her outstanding blog

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Sam Clear walked around the world in a bid to unite Christians.

He walked 15,500km from Brazil, through South America, Central America and North America, across Siberia on the Trans-Siberian Railway and on foot again from Moscow to the Camino de Santiago

It was called Walk4One

His story is an inspiration - he talks about prayer, his faith and what young people tell him about their Mission

I loved this yarn - I know you will too

Sam's book is available via and his website is

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Ginny walked the Camino in 2009 as a 22-year-old.   I reached out to her after reading her account of her Camino on the XoJane website. 

It moved me to record this podcast ~ Ginny shares her story of how she came to be in Spain and how it changed her life forever.

This is an inspirational story and an encouraging story.

We are capable of so much more.

You can read Ginny’s article here

and read her outstanding blog here

Thanks for your continued support 

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What is a hospitalero and what do they do?

Julie-Ann Milne has forgotten how many Caminos she has completed.   She has served as a hospitalera and is the Australian hospitalero trainer for the Spanish-based Hospitaleros Voluntarios.

Jenny Heesh walked her first Camino in 2012 and has been hooked ever since.  Jenny was working as a hospitalero when I met her in Rabanal in 2016 – a coming together of kindred spirits thousands of miles from home.

This is a great yarn told by two beautiful souls.

If you’re interested in becoming a hospitalero visit Julie’s website

I know you’ll enjoy this week’s podcast and many more great stories to come…

Buen Camino


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Dr Sanjiva Wijesinha walked the Camino with his son Shivantha.   Sanjiva wrote a book about their journey “Strangers on the Camino - A Father, a Son and Holy Trail.

We talk about the relationship between a father and a son; the joys of finding yourself on the Camino; and leaving a legacy for your family - both physically and spiritually.

You can buy the book via Amazon, GoodReads or via Facebook - just search for Strangers on the Camino.

I know you’ll enjoy our chat as much as I did,

Beun Camino 

Camino de Santiago el Camino #mycaminothepodcast Strangers on the Camino Dan Mullins Dr Sanjiva Wijesinha