My Camino - the podcast

Pilgrims who have walked the Camino de Santiago tell the story of their Camino

A weekly podcast featuring interviews with pilgrims from around the world who have walked the many paths to the remains of Christ's Apostle St James in Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. Hosted by Sydney broadcaster and producer Dan Mullins, My Camino - the Podcast explores pilgrims' motivation for undertaking their Camino, what they carried, where they stayed, how far they walked each day and many other questions. Dan and his guests also explore the mystical nature of the Camino ~ and what makes it so special to so many pilgrims from around the globe. If you're a pilgrim or are thinking of walking the Camino de Santiago, this podcast is for you.

Lou Dregely is not our typical pilgrim.   He's a fitness, health and nutrition enthusiast.  How on Earth did he deal with bocadillos??   Cafe con leche?   He does it all with a quiet grace, a sort of Ohio charm - and listen in for Lou's advice for what to do with your excess baggage......sigh.    

Dan Mullins el Camino Camino de Santiago lou Dregely

Jose Piner has walked the Camino three times - and is preparing for #4.    He shares his history, his devotion and why he's about to head off another Camino in April walking a brand new Camino in the south of Spain.      *****Jose mentions an albergue in the podcast - it's the O Xistral albergue in Castromaior, Abadin, Lugo*****   Enjoy ~ it takes us all back.   

Dan mullins el camino Camino de santiago Camino del norte Jose Piner Mick McQueen 41 poppies

Tony walked the Camino as a 16-year-old ....his mother convinced him it was the right journey at the right time of his life.   He talks about how it changed him ~ and he has a remarkable insight ......something for all of us.     

Dan Mullins el camino camino de santiago #thesingingpilgrim My camino the podcast Tony Forde

Robert is a writer and he's compiled five life lessons to practice on the Camino.   He also reveals why his Camino changed his life forever.

Dan Mullins el Camino Camino de Santiago Robert C Deming #thesingingpilgrim #elperegrinocantante

Joe Williams made a deal with God - it took him 19 years to honour the deal. What's an Oklahoma businessman doing making deals with God? And why does the Wizard of Oz earn a mention this week? We reach a year of podcasts! Who knows what the next year holds.....the Camino provides!!

Dan Mullins el Camino Camino de Santiago Somewhere Along the Way (the Camino Song)