Mrs. Legendre's Radio

Queer and Feminist perspectives on Pre-Code Hollywood Cinema

In this show we talk about Hollywood movies from the late 20s and early 30s, during the brief period before the censorship guidelines of the "Hays Code" were enforced. This surprisingly saucy era produced many cinematic gems, which feature camp icons, liberated women and shameless sexual innuendo.

In this episode we have an open discussion with the students from Rudi's class on American Literature and Culture (1914-1945) at UC Riverside. Together, we discuss Jean Harlow (as Lil Legendre) in Red-Headed Woman (1932) and Lupe Velez in Hell Harbor (1930).

pre-code cinema Classical Hollywood Precode Lupe Velez Jean Harlow old movies talkies women in film Anita Loos

In our first episode we talk about pre-code cinema in general and Marlene Dietrich in Josef Von Sternberg's "historical" epic about Catherine the Great and her many horses; The Scarlet Empress (1934).

pre-code cinema Classical Hollywood Marlene Dietrich Josef von Sternberg period piece old movies women in film