Mentor Next Door

Tackling the key challenges in running a small business.

Tackling the key challenges in running a small business. Together with the industry’s top minds, we’re getting set to share their experience and skills with business owners in need of help. Mentor Next Door is an original podcast from Xero.

Cash flow is a key cause of anxiety and stress for small business owners. Listen in as our mentor, Rob Stone from Xero, shares his toolkit of techniques and solutions to help you monitor and manage your cash flow, and identify where savings could be made.

Smartphones have rapidly become the secret weapon in the pocket of any small business owner, allowing you to work on the go and keep your business running smoothly from anywhere. Our mentor Claire Mackay from Quantum Financial talks through how to get the most out of mobile while keeping your business safe.

How is your business really going? Being across your business metrics is the key to unlocking capital investment and growth. Listen in as our mentor, Sophie Andrews from The Accounts Studio, offers expert advice on key business metrics and to how best to track them. ​

Getting bogged down in day-to-day operations is one of the biggest obstacles to small business growth. If you’re stuck in the office, knee-deep in the nitty-gritty, you’re not doing what you need to do to develop your business. In this episode, mentor Nick Bowditch, Australia’s Storytelling Expert talks through ways to save time, lighten your load, get out of the office, and focus on growth.

Small business is risky business, and financial problems can have a drastic impact on survival and success. Our mentor, Alex Tselios from The Big Smoke shares some of her early mistakes and provides practical advice on how to get on top of your accounts and finances, giving you more time to look at the bigger picture.