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For women who want to create their unique brand of motherhood

Meaningful Motherhood is a podcast for women seeking insight and inspiration around how to create their very own, personal brand of motherhood, one that is both meaningful and more importantly, which works for them, their children, their family, and their life. Hosted by Women’s Health Occupational Therapist Sarah Hausler, director of Bloom Wellbeing Occupational Therapy clinic and Women's Health Occupational Therapy Australia.

Becoming a mother can be challenging at the best of times, but for Kate Comer, her early years of motherhood have seen her experience the death of her own beloved mother, a massive life threatening stroke, as well as being a FIFO wife and supporting a child with autism. Today she tells her story to the Meaningful Motherhood podcast, about how she moved through her fears of "mothering without a mother", and how travel - both with her family and flying solo, has been a huge healing factor in her life.

You can find out more about Kate at the following links:

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We've just finished our six week summer holidays here in South Australia, and my family were lucky enough to spend the whole holidays together, as my husband had five weeks long service leave. This was our last summer before our youngest daughter started school, so it was a beautiful opportunity for our family to spend quality time together, and mark the end of our pre-school parenting years.

In today's episode I outline the five lessons I learned (some of them re-learned!) through my parenting this summer holidays.

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What makes a dedicated "career Mum" decide to pull the pin on a successful business and restructure her whole life?

For Carly Thompson Barry it was nothing short of a motherhood "breakdown/breakthrough". In this week's episode Carly and I chat about the pressures of being a mother while running a business, how what we think we want out of life isn't always correct, and how we both pulled ourselves up out of the mire after life dealt us soul-crushing blows.

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It's a week of "lasts" for our family this week - the last week of school for my big girl, and the last days of kindy and childcare for my youngest.  So in this week's episode I thought I'd chat about how I'm coping this week and my top tips for managing these "Big Lasts".

I hope everyone else is managing the "lasts" as best they can!

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Don't be fooled by the title - this episode is in fact suitable for parents of children of all ages!

In this episode I’m chatting with Jo Bainbridge of Talking Teens. Jo is a writer, speaker, and mother of three teenagers. Her website, Taking Teens was borne from her observations that so many parents fear the teen stage or feel unsupported, overwhelmed or lost. And while she agrees that the teen stage can be very challenging, Jo is on a mission to provide parents of teens with thought-provoking, practical, common-sense and caring information, with a healthy dose of laughs to boot.

In this conversation we chat about:

* Why so many parents are wary, or terrified even, of parenting teenagers

* How effective parenting of teenagers begins in the early years of parenthood

* How many of the strategies you need as a parent of a teenager and quite similar to those of younger children

* Why communication is so important - and actually THE most important part of parenting 

* The importance for you as the parent to be in a good space to effectively work through what can be a very challenging stage. 


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