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Space-Based RPG Fun with Ladies

Join us for our actual play podcast where we explore a familiar space-themed universe we all love! All ladies, only ladies.

The ladies discover some kind of time-space anomaly. Finally, Pene's niche knowledge of 20th century Earth is relevant. The gals describe what they're wearing and get roped into some timey-wimey madness.

Things mentioned at the top of the show:

star trek ttrpg actual play

The ladies are BACK baybee! We're in a new rule set (again) and we explore some vignettes to explain how the Komodo crew has grown in-between seasons.

star trek actual play ttrpg lady pod squad

We got all of us in a room to play Star Trek Mad Libs for PodCon 2. Chaos ensued. Listen to us giggle like preteens. Could we get bluer? Yes.

star trek

We're taking a yule-log break! Don't worry, we're still recording episodes and Season 2 is in motion. With the holidays upon us, however, we decided to take the next month and a half to just relax and enjoy time with friends and family. Have a happy end of 2018 in whatever way you celebrate it!

For more of that Picard song, please see the full video at:

Komodo's last episode of season 1! And it's big old starship battle! I bet you 100 Romu-dollars you can't guess what the gang does to secure victory. #jockjams

star trek ttrpg rpg