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The King Show is Hosted By King Star and Aiden Riley who discuss varying topics such as mental health, TV shows, Including The walking dead , Altered Carbon and many more explaining in depth our thoughts on how each episode went good or bad ; with some very honest destructive reviews which may come off as ripping a show apart, but . we come from being writers ourselves so we have a different angle regarding our opinions. We will also be covering Mental Health, Again. if you don't know we also suffer from Depression, Social Anxiety, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Stress, Aspergers and will be offering our experience in the hopes of helping people get through their struggles and along the way hopefully end the stigma associated within the mental health community.

Rothschild's have no established themselves as a powerful family and  being on the same level as the pope in Italy, they continue to build their empire and overthrown three presidents along the way.

we talk about how we have been feeling, sorry about the delay this should have been last Tuesday's episode but i was , still in a bad way also we again go on a tangent and discuss politics a little bit .

We are extremely sorry for the month hiatus on the Rothschilds... but we return with part 2 of the Rothschild sorry its not our normal length but we had to be out of where we were by ten but normal length will resume as of tuesday

We check in with our weekly mental health and we also discuss food consumption

we carry on with part two of how we have stayed friends