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Kevin and the Orphans were once billed as the 327th most popular New Zealand band when performing at a 21st birthday party. But for the last few years, the none hit wonders have been laying dormant; the two members separated by 12,000 miles of land and ocean. Now, they're reuniting in Britain and travelling the country in search of a plot of land they were promised in a bottle of Laphroaig whisky. Join Josh White and Josh Aronsen on this genuinely unplanned daily podcast, recorded in cars, trains, hotels and pubs across the United Kingdom. Regular episodes start on the same day we start our journey, on 13 August 2017.

Finally, it's the final episode of the first series. And it's probably a bit of a let-down. Join us from a hotel room in Glasgow, where we try to be entertaining after spending too much time and money at Wetherspoons. And then join us out the front of London Luton Airport, where we reflect on the trip that was, and for some reason think it's an appropriate place to record a politically-charged song satirising the owners of the campground we stayed at on Islay. Recorded on location and produced at Park Town Studios in London.

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(Yes we know this episode is super late. We've had some production issues. Soz bbz) It's the fifth day of our Islay adventure and we finally make it to the island! We start off super early at Loch Lomond before getting the ferry from Kennacraig to Port Ellen, pitching a tent at Kintra Farm amid miserable Hebridean summer weather and finally (FINALLY!) finding our square foot of land among Laphroaig's fields of peat. In an alternate reality somewhere, the naughtiest thing Theresa May has ever done is run through fields of peat. There's also a song all about a very unique tourist phenomenon on Islay, and of course some bloody good car chat. Written and presented by Josh White and Josh Aronsen. Recorded on location and produced at Park Town Studios in London.

comedy music England Scotland Hebrides Loch Lomond Kennacraig Port Ellen Kintra Farm Laphroaig whisky whiskey peat Theresa May New Zealand

Today we leave Liverpool, but not before starting to film our high fashion Primark look book ... The drive then takes us north across the Scottish border, through a massive shopping centre on the outskirts of Glasgow, and into Scotland's scenic Loch Lomond National Park, where we bunk down for the night at the Best Western Buchanan Arms in Drymen. This episode features some bloody good car chat, including about getting massages on holiday, and we even write a song about our favourite night porter we've met on our travels - Ian from the Premier Inn in Boston. We think you might enjoy it ... Recorded in various locations on 15 August 2017, and produced by Park Town Studios in London.

comedy music England Scotland Liverpool Primark Loch Lomond Best Western hotel Premier Inn Boston road trip New Zealand

It's day three and we start it in Boston, Lincolnshire, where there is a very German surprise waiting for the other Josh at the docks. Who is it? What is it? Was it worth it? We then drive from Boston to Liverpool, which isn't very far on a map but takes much longer than is reasonable. The good news is that we used this motorway time to write a song! The song, all about the dying English institution that is Little Chef, is at the end of the episode. Slip through if you fancy it, but you'll be missing out on so much! Recorded in various locations on 14 August 2017 and produced by Park Town Studios in London.

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It's Sunday! It started with a bang. We got haircuts and beard trims and then went fashion shopping on Oxford Street in London. It was other Josh's first time in Primark and he just bloody loved it. But then it all went downhill. It took forever and a day to get to the rental car office at Luton Airport, before the rental car company explicitly tried to rip us off. We then dined at the motorway services in Peterborough, before finally arriving in Boston at 1am. That's why we sound extremely fed up in this episode - nobody enjoys recording a podcast at 2am on a Monday morning! Recorded on the road on 13 August and produced by Park Town Studios in London.

comedy music England Scotland Boston Lincolnshire London Primark haricut Luton car driving road trip New Zealand hotel Premier Inn