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This podcast is designed to inspire urban personal growth lovers looking to find meaning and fulfilment in the modern day madness.  This podcast is about the quest to uncovering our true self and making aligned choices. Choices in the areas of purpose

This podcast is designed to inspire urban personal growth lovers looking to find meaning and fulfilment in the modern day madness.  This podcast is about the quest to uncovering our true self and making aligned choices. Choices in the areas of purpose, spirituality, relationships & body-mind.  I share my experiences and feature inspiring guests who share their unique stories, practices and perspectives on living an authentic life. Join me on the journey to authenticity, remove the masks, reveal the real you, and spread your light.  This podcast is inspired by the work of some incredible men and women: Dr John Demartini, Brené Brown, Oprah, Glennon Doyle Melton,  Elizabeth Gilbert and Dr Joe Dispenza.

Approaching the end of the year I find this a great time to reflect on the year that has just been and begin planning and setting new intentions for the upcoming year. This is not about setting new years resolutions that you forget about in a couple of weeks and never achieve. I share with you the process I use, some of the questions I reflect upon and how this year I have chosen a mantra or motto to anchor to. This is about how you can be, do and have more in 2019.

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In this week's episode I sit down with my mum, Carolyn Hart, and discuss my adoption, and the impact on a child separated from their biological mother at birth. My mum talks from both a personal and professional point of view as a child and adolescent Psychotherapist. She describes parenting from her perspective as both an adoptive, and a biological mother. We discuss the different aspects of ourselves, the roles we play, masks we wear and the inner wounded child in all of us.

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In todays episode, my guest and I discuss healthy vs unhealthy attachments within relationships, childhood experience, co-dependency and love addiction. We explore what it means to show up authentically within relationship, boundaries and the dance between two people.

Christine Calvert is a licensed chemical dependency counselor and Holotropic Breathwork facilitator in austin, Texas. She is the founder of Tribe, a sober living home for men combining the ancient wisdom of spiritual practice and contemporary psychology as a path toward recovery. She has a passion for bringing the Holotropic and transpersonal perspective to the field of addiction recovery and mental health in an attempt to expand our understanding and treatment of addiction in its many forms.

During this episode, Christine also shares some of the challenges that she faced during her own addiction recovery.

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Are we all addicts? Today I explore the Buddhist concept of the hungry ghost. Living in our shadow side, the hungry ghost is a reflection of a part of us that is seeking wholeness. I discuss the hungry ghost energy, looking at addiction as a spiritual quest, my own addictive behaviour cycle and how I broke the pattern.

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This is a fantastic introduction into Holotropic breathwork from certified facilitator and Director of Grof Transpersonal training, Holly Harman. We discuss the healing power of the breath in drawing material from the subconscious and giving it full expression of emotion within a safe space. We cover the 4 stages of birth and the perinatal archetypes that can be expressed in a holotropic setting. We also talk about the relationship between our own birth process experience and patterns that have shown up throughout our life.

If you are interested in attending one of the UK Holotropic breathwork workshops, or wish to find out more about this powerful healing method, visit

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