It's All Up From Here!

Helping bring the joy back to family.

Family, parenting and relationship tips and talk from two friends, Shona, an ex Youth Worker, now radio producer and Pia, an artist and author. Discussing the big issues and focussing on bringing back the fun to family.

Season 2 is here and first off Shona and Pia give an update on all the news since last season. Then, stick around for a great surprise at the end. You'll love it!

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Shona and Pia discuss change and how it's a part of not only being a parent but of living life everyday. So how do you cope with change? How do you thrive through change? Listen as the girls share their hard won thoughts and methods.

itsallupfromherepodcast parenting family self-help

Boundaries can be so hard to set and keep, and in part two of their chat about this topic, Shona and Pia share more tips on setting great boundaries with your kids. They also have a very open discussion about smacking and share their thoughts on that polarising issue.

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What makes family unique? All families have their own culture, their own way of doing things, and so what happens when you partner up and try to merge two different cultures together within your new family. Listen for tips on how to do this, how to make the most of the differences and create a new family culture that works for everyone.

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All relationships are a very important part of our lives. Deciding when and if to end a relationship with a family member, partner or friend can be a very difficult decision. Shona and Pia share about relationships they have had to end and how they made this decision, the impact a poor relationship can have on you and ways to move forward without bitterness and resentment.

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