Inside the Lines

Two college age degenerates (future broadcasters of america) discuss sports from a humorous perspective.

Joe Canter and Dan Black two college age broadcast students dissect the wonderful world of sports and through a satirical and comical perspective spew hot takes about every major development from every corner of the North American sport experience.

The guys break down the Superbowl from every angle. Dan returns from the pandemonium in Philadelphia and they've got the top 5 of Superbowl party foods. 

The guys preview Championship Weekend in the NFL. Dan thinks Lebron should've been traded last offseason and that there are too many technicals in the NBA. They also get into the NBA locker room fights on MLK Day and discuss IU basketball's rise to third place in the Big Ten. Top 5 this week is NFC/AFC Championship games. 

Don't ask what happened to episode 4. UCF is national champion of the college football world. Dan and Joe struggle to pronounce Tua Tagovailoa.  Are the New England Patriots breaking up? And the guys make their NFL Divisional Round Playoff Picks. Top 5 this week is top 5 breakups of all time. 

The guys break down the college football playoff semi final games, roast the Pac 12, with a recording of Bill Walton, who had the worst bowl season in history for power 5 conferences minimum 5 games (1-8), and talk future NFL Draft QB's. Top 5 this week is significant things that happened in 2017 (mostly sports).

The guys Skype in from their home areas (warning about the audio quality). Discussing Aaron Rodgers career in Green Bay, debate their picks for NFL MVP, lament the lack of Christmas Day jerseys in the NBA, and do a little treason talk with James Harrison going to the Patriots. Top 5 this week, New Year's Resolutions.