India's success - the way forward

What ails India? How can India achieve its potential?

In this podcast, Sanjeev Sabhlok, senior leader of Swarna Bharat Party (India's only liberal party) analyses Indian current affairs and offers a way forward for India to become a developed, modern nation.

A few weeks ago I had put out a draft agenda for the Abhinav Bharat Abhiyan. I've received a comment on this which I've published on my blog at

I'm grateful for feedback and the opportunity to clarify issues. I will appropriately consider relevant issues in the next draft which I'll prepare in the next few days.

In this podcast (made in Delhi on 13 October 2018) Sanjeev Sabhlok explains in Hindi how India's culture was always anti-socialist. Three very simple examples confirm beyond the slightest iota of doubt why India resisted the idea of government undertaking anything beyond its fundamental roles. But Nehru destroyed India's own culture and ideas and adopted foolish socialist ideas. The results are there for all to see.

Hindi Indian culture

In this talk, recorded on my smartphone in India, I outline key strategies for SBP to build local teams. It is a total waste of time to to debate with the middle class. They are effectively brain dead, apart from living comfortable lives.

We need to add the sum of total energy in the local team, not the numbers. One Lenin or Paresh Barua or Kanhaiya is better than a thousand half-hearted middle class "follower".

Let's learn from revolutionary movements to build a movement for liberty in India.

In this talk, Sanjeev Sabhlok discusses issues that have come up over the past two months as the party grows and engages with others. Some of these engagements have been positive and helpful, others not so much. But this is how this tiny effort will evolve - one person at a time. When there is so much corruption in India from top to bottom, and so little interest in freedom and good governance, it is important for anyone who thinks of himself as liberal to fall behind SBP's manifesto.

Shetkari Sangathana Swatantra Bharat Party

In this talk I speak in my rusty Assamese to my friends from Assam and invite them to understand and join Swarna Bharat Party, India's only party that can eliminate corruption and bring great prosperity to India.