India's success - the way forward

What ails India? How can India achieve its potential?

In this podcast, Sanjeev Sabhlok, senior leader of Swarna Bharat Party (India's only liberal party) analyses Indian current affairs and offers a way forward for India to become a developed, modern nation.

This podcast by Sanjeev Sabhlok, senior leader of Swarna Bharat Party,  is a wake up call for those who have never questioned why India still has the IAS,and why it follows the administration machinery designed 250 years ago by India's colonial masters.  Sanjeev explains why the IAS is guaranteed to be incompetent  and outlines the model of governance that will actually work. 

IAS bureaucracy colonial administration lack of accountability

A lot of people are very unhappy with BJP's performance.  In this episode, Sanjeev Sabhlok notes that insanity is  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. When not a single thing has changed since the Congress regime, why are people expecting different results? He explains why we need to ask questions about our governance system before we can begin to understand why merely changing one socialist party and getting another will not make any difference.  He outlines why the typical "causes" of India's poor performance (e.g. population, low IQ, irrational culture) do not explain any of this poor performance. 

BJP congress socialist liberal governance reforms

In this talk Sanjeev Sabhlok introduces this podcast and talks about how India needs to start asking questions about everything. 

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