India's success - the way forward

What ails India? How can India achieve its potential?

In this podcast, Sanjeev Sabhlok, senior leader of Swarna Bharat Party (India's only liberal party) analyses Indian current affairs and offers a way forward for India to become a developed, modern nation.

In this talk Sanjeev Sabhlok talks about the colossal failure of education in India (and in fact in many parts of the world) and how this can be fixed. They key is to get rid of many common myths about the role of government in education. Sanjeev explains the work and findings of James Tooley and outlines how Swarna Bharat Party will completely change the system to dramatically improve its quality and availability

In this podcast, Sanjeev Sabhlok of Swarna Bharat Party explains why India has such pathetic infrastructure and why it will continue to be in such a bad shape without basic reforms of governance. And no, please don't ask World Bank or IMF for advice, since these people have no clue about the basics of governance.


Sanjeev Sabhlok argues against the idea of government funding of Ram temple, and calls BJP's "secularism" as fake secularism.  BJP opposed pseudo secularism, but its own version has turned out to be entirely fake.

Ram statue Adityanath secularism

Various Indian "intellectuals" spout a lot of puerile nonsense regarding "economic reforms". Yes, India needs economic reforms but most critical are governance reforms, without which India will remain a lame duck Third World country.  We need to learn from Chanakya and we need to learn from Singapore, China, Australia, UK and other countries. The principles of accountability are totally missing in Indian governance. Without accountability we will remain a banana republic.

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I have long shown why not only Swachh Bharat but every single policy objective of the Modi government will fail.  These things require detailed understanding of governance systems which the Modi government (or any other socialist party in India) simply does not have. India will do well to understand the work of Chanakya, who was a past master of governance.  Instead of idle blabber about our "ancient culture" we need solid concepts that are consistent with modern science and economics.

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