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Welcome to In Mum’s good books – a podcast dedicated to recommending books for busy Mums (& kids) to enjoy. As a Mum I find it difficult to make time to read, but I enjoy it and know how good it is for me! I rely on recommendations from other Mums because a) I don't have time to do the research and b) most of them want the same out of a book as I do: a book that’s easy to read (so if I get interrupted it won’t matter), a page turner, that takes me away to another place and takes my mind off life for just a little while. So, kick back with a cuppa (or wine) of your choice and listen to interviews with Mums like yourself talk about all things reading, books and mum-life.

Live! On the couch with Kylie Kaden (Brisbane author) at the Annerley Community Bookshop in Brisbane. We were invited as part of a fundraiser (*insert wine and cheese*) for the Kingston East Neighbourhood Group (KENG). Both the bookshop and KENG are wonderful not-for-profits doing great things for our communities.

If you love listening to this episode with Kylie be sure to check out my first episode (besides my intro) of In Mum's good books where I interviewed Kylie in a park.

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Jode Warke escaped the house, lapped up the sunshine by the boat ramp and talked about all things books including how she gets books for free each month!

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A virtual chat with Michelle House - who not only does a Facebook live at 5.55 each morning but has 3 kids, runs her own business (& husband) and manages to get some reading time in. 
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Sitting by the lake at The University of Queensland I talk to Bec McIntosh about her life as a 'hustler', a Mum and  someone who wants to read more books!  
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Maretta Mann, CEO of Two Winged Fruit and I chat in the  (not so quiet) gardens about her recommended books for adults and kids as well as all those empty boxes which are always being used for arts and crafts.  As a mother of two, Maretta somehow found the time to combine her uni degree with some spare time to start her business . Check out Maretta's amazing palm oil free products:  
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Happy reading x

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