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Everyday people in extraordinary situations.

What’s it like living without fear? Do you remember what it’s like being 14? What’s it like living in enclosed quarters in Antarctica? We went there to find out. Welcome to HuffPost Humans -- a weekly podcast about everyday people in extraordinary situations, brought to you by the staff at The Huffington Post Australia.

Journalist and presenter Natalie Barr drops into the HuffPost studio to talk to Libby-Jane Charleston about the big stories she has witnessed during her career.

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Farmer Dave Graham drops by the studio to talk with Eoin Blackwell about growing up gay in the bush, his days on big brother, and why every cell in his body is telling him to go home. 

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The Project’s Peter Helliar drops us a line to talk with Libby Jane Charleston about being a 'slashy' in his jobs, and the joys of comedy.

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Writer Rusty Young drops by the studio talk about his his new book Colombiano and the child soldiers who inspired it, as well as his real life experiences in a Bolivian prison.

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What happens when you decide not to sweat the small stuff of parenthood? ABC News presenter Juanita Phillips sits down with Tory Maguire and Libby-Jane Charleston about how the small stuff feels big, until we pull it apart and realise it's a molehill and not a mountain.

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