High Heels and Hangovers

Hosted by Jana Hocking and Carla 'Biggzy' Bignasca

Like a long lunch that's ventured into the night time hours, there's no topic out of bounds. You can check your political correctness at the door. We've tripped over our heels and got back up again. Let us share our stories with you! Hosted by Jana Hocking and Carla 'Biggzy' Bignasca. www.highheelsandhangovers.com.au

Jana and Carla turn to an actual expert for help with their love lives! Why can’t Jana commit? How do you stop being attracted to the bad boys? How do you communicate effectively with a partner? Is it ok to sleep together on the first date?? www.drlurve.com

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What happens when you put Jana and Carla into the Melbourne Cup Birdcage?? A day of debauchery & a hell of a plane trip home! All that and an ooh la la cocktail of the week on this week’s podcast!

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This week the girls dive deep into the big questions like how soon is too soon to sleep with someone? Say I love you? Take a pregnancy test? Plus a few more...

Plus what are the rules when it comes to stalking an ex on your socials?

And what the heck is a “unicorn”?? This week’s new dating term is a tad scandalous!

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Ex Bachelorette winner, and heir to a pub fortune, Stu Laundy is anything but dull. He’s been engaged to one woman, married to another, a contestant on a dating show and now reluctantly single. What has he learnt about dating? What would he change? What was it like dating an A-Lister and breaking up so publicly? He spills all!

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When it comes to dating what’s more important! Money? Looks? Neither? Plus is there such a thing as drinking etiquette?? What are the rules? All that + Dating term of the week!.