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Australia's obsession with Big Things didn't start with Coffs Harbour's Big Banana, Woombye's Big Pineapple or Robertson's Big Potato. It started here in Adelaide with a giant Scotsman that still stands sentinel over one of the city's busiest intersections. Greg caught up with the man who kick-started that obsession, Adelaide artist Paul Kelly. 

Thanks this week to Paul and Pam Kelly, Ian Backler and Dr Amy Clarke. 

In this bonus episode, Adelaide Holden historian Don Loffler busts some long-held myths about the 1948 launch of the first model Holden plus Don answers the million dollar question. Where did it all go wrong for Holden?  

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In this bonus episode, long-time Holden employee Stewart Underwood tells Greg what it was like working at GMH's Elizabeth factory during the launch of some of the most iconic models in the company's history and explains how he went from factory worker to custodian of the Holden story through his work with the National Motor Museum and History Week walking tours. 

Greg tracks the history of one of Australia's best-loved and most iconic brands from saddler maker to automotive powerhouse, General Motors Holden. With interviews with Holden historian Don Loffler, former product planner Roger Gibbs and long-time Holden employee Stewart Underwood. Look for extended interviews with Don and Stewart in separate episodes of this podcast.   

Thanks to: Roger Gibbs, Stewart Underwood, Don Loffler, ABC, Holden, SA Housing Trust/Government of SA

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Factory ambiance

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Greg speaks to journalist Lainie Anderson about the incredible true story of South Australia's Smith Brothers, who, with their trusty mechanics Wally Shiers and Jim Bennett, became the first Australians to fly from England to Australia in 1919, in a feat global aviation experts have likened to man landing on the moon 50 years later. 

Thanks this week to journalist Lainie Anderson, John Fitzgerald, Gordon Poole and Bob Byrne. 

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Gunshots by Kleeb

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