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Each fortnight we round up the most interesting characters from the food world for your listening pleasure. We chat to chefs, cooks, authors, bar tenders and baristas, anyone who has something new and interesting to say about the way we like to eat and drink. A podcast from Gourmet Traveller magazine.

By focusing on teaching people the essentials of what makes food taste good rather than simply handing them recipes, Samin Nosrat’s début took the cookbook world by storm. She joined GT’s David Matthews in the studio with some salt, fat, acid and heat to discuss a key cooking question: what is it that actually makes a good meal good?


In an Australian exclusive and as part of just a handful of international media given access, Noma invited Gourmet Traveller to walk through the yet-to-open Noma space. Your tour-guide? None other than charismatic and visionary chef René Redzepi himself. Readers and listeners can join the tour in a special extended version of the Gourmet Traveller podcast, Set Menu out today.

Split across seven buildings joined by glass and steel walkways, the restaurant is set in an urban farm next to a manmade lake, and will become a new restaurant every four months as the season shifts focus from seafood to vegetables to game.

It’s an ambitious launch, with Redzepi gambling his reputation, his business and the livelihood of his team on a restaurant like no other. And the stakes are all or nothing, he says. Eleven buildings, 250,000 screws, 80 staff, 40 seats, a 10-week waiting list, $475 a head. “If it doesn’t work out, there’s nothing else.”

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Elizabeth McCall is a whiskey master taster, sensory scientist and Kentucky native. This week she sits down with Gourmet Traveller’s Pat Nourse and a few bottles of Woodford Reserve.

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Chief Restaurant Critic Pat Nourse and Mitch Edwards from Australian Pork deliver the ham hacks you’ll need to get you prepped for Christmas day and we chat entertaining with Melbourne chef Matt Wilkinson and his partner, Sharlee Gibb.

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In this episode we chat with Australia’s seafood maestro, Josh Niland of St Peter in Paddington. He sits down with Gourmet Traveller’s Dave Mathews to discuss his whirlwind year and how to cope with any seafood-related Christmas angst. Also on the show Gourmet Traveller Editor Sarah Oakes talks to our Senior Food Editor Lisa Featherby about how to get out of some classic tight spots in the kitchen on Christmas day.

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