Fourth Estate

Journalists on journalism.

Every week, we discuss how the media has covered the news and analyse issues affecting the industry with some of the biggest names in journalism in Australia and around the world. Broadcast live on Sydney's 2SER 107.3FM.

In his final hours at Fairfax, Greg Hywood, was kind enough to come into the 2SER studios to talk about its legacy, why Fairfax had to merge with Nine and about the future of the SMH and the Age.

We speak with Anya Schiffrin who is the director of the Technology, Media, and Communications (TMaC) specialisation at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia University New York. In this discussion with Peter Fray we talk about making start ups pay, trust in the media and how can the media better handle Trump.

We speak to Johan Lidberg about his book, In the Name of Security: Secrecy, Surveillance and Journalism.

We chat to Gerard Ryle from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists about the Panama Papers and much more.

Why was senior ABC journalist Peter Lloyd suspended? Is Ross Cameron's sacking a sign of new direction at Sky and is Scott Morrison taking a page from Trump playbook? To help us work through this we are joined by Stephen Brook from the Australian, Emily Watkins from Crikey and Michael Koziol from the SMH and the Age.