Forgotten Australia

History - As You've Never Heard It Before

From the desperate struggle against Spanish Flu in Sydney and the weekend Melbourne was ruled by anarchic mobs, to Brisbane’s most puzzling murder mystery and the Lord Howe Islander who tried to save passengers on the Titanic, each episode of Forgotten Australia brings you an incredible true story that you didn’t learn in history class. Forgotten Australia is created by Michael Adams, a Sydney-based writer, author and television producer.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Well-produced and spoken & the thorough research shines through - great work!

by 1of

Saturday, 16 March 2019
Australian social history at its best

What a refreshing and informative exploration into some of the little known characters and events of our past. So thoroughly researched and professionally presented. Especially enjoyed the episodes on our unsung Titanic hero.

by 642#kt

The Bathurst Rebellion

Clear, concise and an excellent narration. A part of Australian history I knew little if anything about, prior to this excellent podcast

by Nardelia

Tuesday, 12 March 2019
Well researched and a good listen

Thanks for the quality content, I highly recommend

by Cheriekelly

Monday, 11 March 2019
Great podcast

Australia’s Dan Carlin. Professionally produced, engaging narration and fantastic content. Amazing the stories that are explored. Hard to find history podcasts that don’t send you to sleep or grate. Michael Adams is clearly passionate and not just reading blandly from a script.

by Ggn134


What a refreshingly well researched and spoken podcast. Thank you.

by Shazzerjam

Wonderful host, expert storyteller.

It doesn’t take long to see how much work has been put into these podcasts. Fantastic scripting, beautiful sound mix, and the research must have been extensive! Michael is a wonderful host and expert storyteller. The only negative is that you will lose HOURS once you fall into a Forgotten Oz listening hole.

by TomHardyIsMyCelebrityPass

Tuesday, 5 March 2019
All shows

Well presented and informative

by alanjones321

Monday, 4 March 2019
Really enjoyable

I stumbled across this podcast and after listening to the first one I then binge listened to them all in 1 day. I really enjoyed.

by Black Bow Studio

Sunday, 3 March 2019
Forgotten Australia

Totally engrossing and beautifully done. So many things I didn't know about my own history. Where the hell have I been!!

by Fiona McLean

Saturday, 23 February 2019
Stories well told.

Very professional.

by loopdeloop48

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Very well deeply researched and written stories that are wonderfully told. Michael is easy to listen to and employs clever use of sound effects evoking sense of time and place. Events and people that are not widely known. Great to hear about Australian history. Highly recommend!

by ZebraRose

Wednesday, 20 February 2019
Fascinating and meticulously researched

This is a very enjoyable podcast, exploring lesser-known people and events in Australian history. The research is meticulous and production values excellent. Professionally and intelligently put together. I look forward to each episode; particularly the way individuals and their period come to life.

by Aphraster

Very interesting, well told stories

Michael is an excellent narrator of these well researched stories. I have really enjoyed listening to the podcasts and finding out more about our history.

by lol xox

Tuesday, 19 February 2019
Just wonderful!

Michael is a natural storyteller and has a lovely voice. Each episode is brilliantly researched and the clever use of language appropriate to the era draws you right in. Paired with the subtle soundscape, you feel like you’re really there! I don’t remember any of these stories from history class in school, so I feel like I’m receiving an education as well as being entertained. Highly recommended ????

by AnonymousOnline


I’m learning stuff about my own history. Thank you!

by Kent Parkstreet

More please!

Excellent program. I knew nothing about most of the topics. Found them all fascinating. So good to hear stories about Australia. Love it, well done. Judy

by Mrs S. C.

Monday, 18 February 2019
Great Australian podcast series

I am really enjoying these Australian stories. They are well researched and the narration is really good. The subjects are fascinating and they provide integrating views of an earlier era of Australia - recognisable but different st the same time. Well done!

by synique

Very good

Non-sensational, well researched and very well presented.

by kid_headcase

Refreshingly excellent

So well presented and fascinating material, none of which I have ever stumbled across previously. Pleased to find the presenter is a local Blue Mountains person, although I don't beleive we've ever met. What's most refreshing is that he presents interesting histories in an intersting way, without editorialising or trying to show how funny he is, which seems to be a trap many podcasters fall into.

by Damopn

Thursday, 14 February 2019
Good wit htec problems


by KissAFatBabiesAss

Monday, 11 February 2019

Absolutely love this podcast!!

by CarolSchmarol

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Great, well presented and researched. Thank you

by rachel113007

Friday, 25 January 2019
Great stories well told

This podcast looks at heroes and villains alike and is a fascinating study of human nature, as much as the events it covers. Thoroughly researched and narrated in a very appealing voice!

by Kazblah

More like, 'Unforgotten Australia!'

A fantastic podcast with well researched content. Each episode reveals another facinating story from Australia's lesser known annals in all its glory - repeatedly proving that truth is stranger than fiction. Wonderfully produced and narrated - I look forward to every episode!

by WooHooRoo

Saturday, 19 January 2019
Amazing Podcast!

This came as a recommendation from a fellow TC fan, and I love it! Very well narrated, I often feel like I’m right there watching the story unfold. Well done, keep up the great work!

by rhisheree

Thursday, 17 January 2019
Fabulous podcast

This podcast is so well produced and contains some truly fascinating nuggets from Australia's history. Well worth a listen

by Bookbirdy

Sunday, 13 January 2019
Educating and entertaining.

Great podcast about snippets of Australian history. After episode 6, part 2 I had goosebumps! Wow!

by Greendaymitch

Just what I've been looking for

Finally a podcast that isn't just morbid details of crimes, a real deep dive into the history until now we only got about the history of the USA. The modern history that isn't in the history books, there are so many amazing stories that we as a natio have to tell and have forgotten that this is an important tool in sharing our history. Well researched, writted and produced, this is addictive and captivating, so don't subscribe unless you are ready to deep dive and binge all the episodes. Thank you Michael for what you are doing!

by Photobat

Saturday, 12 January 2019
Home Grown & Fantastic

It’s great to hear our history related in a clear, detailed manner. Well researched and perfectly sequenced makes this compelling listening.

by garth123456789

Top quality podcast

Cannot recommend enough. It’s fantastically researched and produced, the host is super engaging - all in all a top quality podcast.

by Emm1557

Friday, 11 January 2019
My New Favourite Podcast

Michael Adams has created a fascinating, engaging, respectful and intelligent podcast that stands out in its genre. Well worth a listen

by Jonesy52

Thursday, 10 January 2019
Excellent stuff!

Brilliant! Well written and produced! Love the stories. Enthralling.

by treeslug130

Tuesday, 1 January 2019
Forgotten Australia

It's difficult to believe that one person telling a story can captivate for close to an hour but Michael Adams does just that with his tales from the newspaper archives. And it just goes to show that everything old is new again, especially when it comes to gangs terrorising a city!

by Alison Hetherington

Friday, 28 December 2018
Can’t stop listening!

Incredibly well-researched, absorbing and fascinating — I listen to piles of history podcasts, and this one is top-tier. It’s professionally edited and so well scripted, and I find myself waiting for each new episode. I hope a very long run is planned!

by AC Melbourne

Thursday, 20 December 2018
Unboring history

Super interesting, well told, surprising. Loving this.

by Muldoonicus

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Expertly researched with subtle but engaging sound effects Michael Adams dulcet tones combined with clever story telling make every episode riveting. I was literally hanging on his every word and glued to my headphones for episode 5. Cannot wait for more episodes!

by mermaidwater / Hannah

Thursday, 13 December 2018
Need something other than the Pyjama Girl and the Somerton Man? This is the podcast for you!

A brilliantly researched and produced show looking at some of our lesser known mysteries. I look forward to who Michael Adams digs up next.

by Mrs N 2646

Beautiful and stirring

Forgotten history doesn't mean it's irrelevant or without value. Forgotten Australia is a stunning way of learning incredible, relevant, and beautifully told history.

by Mark (

Great podcast!

Really interesting and compelling. Well produced! Definitely subscribed!!

by Jabes85

Tuesday, 11 December 2018
Fantastic, professionally made and narrated

I was half expecting an amateur production that would let me down, instead what I heard was a professionally narrated and scripted production on par with Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. Subscribed!

by Moxeto


Wow. Totally absorbing podcast. I'm hooked!

by YoungBobbyBrady

Sunday, 2 December 2018

I’m finally hearing stories in amazing detail that my 92yo father has vague recollections of as a boy. Anyone with an interest in Australia history and a good yarn will find this podcast compelling. Highly recommended ????????

by RubyRoo2012

Saturday, 1 December 2018
Highly recommended

Fascinating, well researched show that delves into the forgotten corners of Australia’s history.

by Mr Creighton

Thursday, 29 November 2018
Informative and easy to listen to

With no previous knowledge of the Spanish flu, I found this podcast fascinating, emotional, and informative. Very easy to listen to and well laid out. Looking forward to more episodes :)

by Sammi88