Fast Fiction

Dramatised short stories and skits.

Short stories and skits of all genres to interest, intrigue, entertain and enjoy. For the most part The Spouse Trap Series will cover crime stories, which may be serious or lighthearted black comedy. The Makes You Think series will do just that - and leave you with a discussion point you can consider with friends. Many of the stories have appeared in print, or been read by other narrators on community radio, such as 4RPH.

Sometimes just one simple change in your life can lead you a huge change in lifestyle

Have teenage birthday parties changed much in the last decade or more? A mother's lament.

Teenage birthday parties

It's natural for neighbours to borrow household appliances and garden implements. But sometimes they can take just one thing too many.

CrimeWithoutGrime Neighbours Friendship

Two young girls miss their train and take refuge in an isolated guest house.

Ghost House Fast Fiction. Black comedy

Tom is a busker, old and blind. He is pretty feeble, and harmless. Until someone hurts his dog. Then he gets very angry.