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Get the truth about healthy eating.

There is so much confusion and so many myths around what it means to eat well. How do you cut through the hype to get to what’s right? Introducing Eat Real Unwrapped, the new podcast from which debunks the myths and gets you the facts. Join Editor-in-Chief of, Brodee Myers, every week as she meets scientists and experts at the leading edge of healthy eating... get set for some surprising truths!

Eat Real in the Supermarket. Come with us as we map out your healthy track around your local supermarket and uncover healthy treasures down every aisle.
Featuring: Catherine Saxelby, leading Australian nutritionist and Dr. Karen Abbey

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Now you've fit your own oxygen mask, it's time to fix the oxygen mask of others. The community influences 54 million meals per year. Here are the tactics you need to bring the family with you on the mission to Eat Real.
Cooking at home from scratch is a revolutionary act with the power to transform your health and the health of your family.
Featuring: Louise Keats, Nutritionist and Author

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No area of the diet is as misunderstood as fats. Hands up if you really know which fats are best for your health… let alone which ones are borderline dangerous? In this episode we help you navigate the minefield to reveal the good oil on fats. Plus the role of fats in the healthiest diet in the world - the Mediterranean diet.
Dr Mary Flynn, Associate Professor of Medicine, Brown University, USA

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It seems that everyone is cutting carbs these days, but the latest science and studies are offering dire warnings, and there is strong evidence a low carb diet can reduce life by up to 4 years. Here's what you need to know about carbs, and it's all about wholegrains.
Featuring: Kerry Ivey, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University, USA


The #1 thing every health expert agrees on: Eat a plant-based diet. But which ones are best, how much do we need? In this episode, find out why plants are the key to good health, and discover science’s best kept food secret and the key to a long and healthy life - flavonoids!
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