Diary of an Anzac

In conjunction with the Australian War Memorial, we pay tribute to those who served

Stories from World War One, as told by the men and women who were there. Series written and produced by Tony Peterson for Macquarie Media. Coverart Image: By JERRYE & ROY KLOTZ MD - CC BY-SA 3.0

Events on the day of the Gallipoli landing.  Written by Tony Peterson. 

ANZAC Gallipolli Diary

One recruitment push started in the NSW Town of Gilgandra. By the time they reached Sydney the numbers swelled to over 250

Tony Peterson Gallipolli 2GB DIary of an anzac

Time to get the hell out of hell. Written and produced by Tony Peterson.

Anzac tony peetrson macquarie media tony peterson David Field

When they came back, not even family recognised them ... Written and Produced by Tony Peterson 

WTBI DIARY OF AN ANZAC Gallipoli australian war memorial