Dee Tales

2018 Melbourne Football Club podcast

After every round we review the game. Joined weekly by an Old Acquaintance.

So close, yet the only cabinet is the AFLX one! For the final time we dissect and digest the game and look ahead to the trade period and beyond.

Another week, another win! We could get used to this. A great Old Acquaintance today too.

Not only did we make the finals, but we beat Geelong to advance to the second week!
Let's celebrate for a bit, chat to an incredibly confident Old Acquaintance and then look ahead... Has Coza got some Nutella up his sleeve?

A finals berth was already secured so this was a sweet victory. Made even sweeter when the foil lids of Nutella jars in all Demon kitchens were opened.

We only needed four points, we travelled to Perth to get them. Now, we're booked into September action.