Creating a Resilient Future

Creating Green and Resilient Homes, Neighborhoods, Economy and Culture

There are many benefits to be gained by redefining human needs and how to take care of them in ways that are healthy for people and planet. And, there are many allies and assets at home and in any community to work with for this historic task. This series of programs is a convergence of economics, permaculture, positive human potential and care for the natural world. Its focus is describing real life examples of people creating a green and resilient future.

This episode is a critique of market capitalism. It explains why market capitalism is remarkably inefficient and how advertising fabricates a distorted market. An interview with Columbia University professor Ken Jackson is critical of suburbia and the car culture, and contributes to the critique of the economic system. The term external costs explains how the price of products and services does not tell an honest story of production, use and disposal for the buyer to make a responsible decision. Several other examples of an inefficient economic system are mentioned such as junk food, tobacco, confined feeding of animals and military spending. Jan suggests the great majority of people have a disconnect between their resource intensive lifestyles and the effects on both society and the natural environment. Blame big business but also blame people who buy unhealthy products and services. Important comments include millions of jobs exist to repair the damage caused by millions of other jobs. Another important thought, imagine if the trillions of dollars spent on unhealthy products and services AND the trillions spent to repair the damage using them were instead, invested in creating green and resilient homes, neighborhoods, economy and culture. Also, a special guest song from 1966.

Episode 3 will take a look at 1] how the wisdom of the world's great spiritual traditions might be useful to modern day America, 2] what might a one earth lifestyle look like, 3] economic transformation as a key leverage point and 4] how these green and resilient intentions can look at home scale in suburbia.

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This episode is the first for Creating a Resilient Future - aka - Creating Green and Resilient Homes, Neighborhoods, Economy and Culture. In total, Creating a Resilient Future describes why and how to create a preferred future starting now, with focus on suburbia. This episode is a preface, it explains the premises of the programs and what will be the content of the episodes over the coming months. This episode includes an explanation of permaculture and a short biography of the producer - how is it he is behind the mic explaining why and what can be done to repair suburbia [and our economy and culture.] This episode includes music with a message from Jefferson Airplane and previews an interview that will be featured on the next episode. Over the coming episodes, there will be descriptions of people in the process of creating more green and resilient homes, neighborhoods, economy and culture.

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