Conversations With Writers

Intimate long-form conversations with writers sharing what drives them to tell their stories.

Intimate long-form conversations with writers sharing what drives them to tell their stories. Going beyond the press tour Q&As to discuss how their experiences and beliefs shape who they are and the tales they tell. Featuring authors, journalists, screenwriters, comedians and more, Conversations With Writers is published every two weeks.

Journalist Eileen Ormsby was accused of running the world's most successful Murder-For-Hire website, following her investigation into the scams, drug markets and hurtcore sites of the Dark Web. Working with white-hat hackers, Eileen has become an authority on the darkest areas of this hidden online world, exposing the vices, blackmail and murders conducted away from the spying eyes of the global security services. Everything is true. Eileen's book The Darkest Web is available now and Eileen can be found at her website 

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Journalist and author Caroline Baum's memoir 'Only' is a fascinating insight into growing up an only child in a world of privilege to controlling parents. In conversation Caroline shares the conspiracy of being the lost child of JFK; how MI5 & the KGB came to sit outside her London home; & the challenges of being the precious cargo of immigrant parents escaping their own secretive worlds of grief. This is an intimate and long conversation exploring Caroline's life and the techniques used to capture it.

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Jack Heath is the author of more than 20 novels, with his most recent thriller "Hangman" an international success. Featuring a cannibal working for the FBI, Jack explains the fine line between anti-hero and deplorable. In conversation, we explore his publishing career writing for children; what he learned from Brett Easton Ellis; a date at the morgue; and the many influences driving him to break with tradition wherever he reads it. You can find Jack on Twitter: @jackheathwriter

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Robert Lukins' debut novel The Everlasting Sunday is an eloquently sorrowful tale of a manor house for troubled boys, set within London's great freeze of December 1962. In conversation, Robert shares the driving forces of his need to create something beautiful from shadowy ruins, his use of rare and evocative language, and the powerful isolation and compulsion of a life spent writing. Robert can be found on Twitter @robertlukins

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Up to 80 gay men were murdered along Sydney's beaches during the 70s, 80s & 90s, with their cases remaining unsolved or excused as suicides. Duncan McNab's award winning 'Getting Away With Murder' digs into the stunningly dark history of a homophobic NSW Police Force & the numerous cases of poor judgement, lost evidence & miscarriages of justice committed at a peak of anti-gay violence in the harbour city. Duncan is a former police officer, journalist and the author of 10 non-fiction true-crime tomes to date. Duncan can be found on Twitter @duncanmcnab

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