Conversations With Writers

Intimate long-form conversations with writers sharing what drives them to tell their stories.

Intimate long-form conversations with writers sharing what drives them to tell their stories. Going beyond the press tour Q&As to discuss how their experiences and beliefs shape who they are and the tales they tell. Featuring authors, journalists, screenwriters, comedians and more, Conversations With Writers is published every two weeks.

Author & Walkley Award winning journalist Catherine Fox outlines the economic benefits & societal need for equality in the workplace. Her deeply researched & optimistic book "Stop Fixing Women" challenging the belief corporate women haven't 'leaned in' & taken advantage of their opportunities. In conversation we discuss: the daughter syndrome; the #MeToo movement; the unconscious bias of employment practices; & the leaders forcing genuine change across industry & the Australian Defence Force. 

Follow Catherine on Twitter at: @corporatefox

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Walkley Award winning political correspondent Michael Brissenden's first fictional work 'The List' is a dark tale of domestic terrorism, tapping into the racist flashpoint of the Cronulla riots & the increasing threat of Sydney-raised jihadists. In conversation we discuss his life in Moscow covering the insanity of the Yeltsin regime; the draw of young Australians to the Yugoslav wars; the balance between media & Government agendas; and the need for absolute truth in reporting. 

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Gabby Tozer's hit novels The Intern, Faking It, & Remind Me How This Ends capture the doubts, ambitions and romantic failings of 20-something life. Her work connecting with  the global YA market in search of real stories reflecting their lives and losses. In conversation Gabby shares her personal struggle of balancing success with ambition, revealing how an understanding of her own anxieties has led to a richer, more fulfilling life and career. Follow Gabby on Twitter @gabrielletozer

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Hugh Riminton is one of Australia's most experienced foreign correspondents. Blown up, shot at & first-on-scene at some of the world's most terrifying disasters, Hugh's autobiography 'Minefields - A Life in the News Game', is a richly entertaining & deeply empathetic global adventure. We discuss: the dangers of self-assumed power; being held at gunpoint; bribing his way into Moscow; the joy of Mandela; & an agreement to one last war. WARNING: We also briefly discuss the Aramoana & Port Arthur massacres, which may be difficult for some listeners (timecode: 24:25 - 30:51). Find Hugh on Twitter: @hughriminton  

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International bestseller R.A Spratt is the creator of the Friday Barnes and Nanny Piggins kids book series. With a love of the absurd and a rapid-fire wit, Rachel started her career writing political comedy before making the unexpected leap into kids TV and becoming a global writing star. In conversation, Rachel shares how 10 jokes broke her into writing for Good News Week; the black humour of the Clinton era; the joys of writing for a boisterous anarchic pig; how to break the rules of kids TV; and where the clues for an 11 year old girl detective come from. The very funny and engaging R.A Spratt can be found on Twitter: @RASPratt and via her website:

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