Conversations With Writers

Intimate long-form conversations with writers sharing what drives them to tell their stories.

Intimate long-form conversations with writers sharing what drives them to tell their stories. Going beyond the press tour Q&As to discuss how their experiences and beliefs shape who they are and the tales they tell. Featuring authors, journalists, screenwriters, comedians and more, Conversations With Writers is published every two weeks.

Multi-award winner Alan Baxter fills his dark urban horror thrillers with realistic violence from first-hand experience. The author having spent a lifetime training and teaching Kung Fu. In conversation Alan provides an insight to his love of mashing genres and writing across formats; how the cowardice of bullies drove him towards competitive martial arts; and we tap into the injustice of losing loved ones while the less deserving live on. Alan can be found via Twitter @alanbaxter   

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According to recent studies, one in four young people are at risk of serious mental illness. The issues of body image, coping with stress, school and studying identified as the key drivers of concern.

In response, Clinical Psychologists Dr Sarah Edelman and Louise Remond have authored Good Thinking - a teenager's guide to managing stress and emotions using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). An evidence based guide to changing how teenagers think to improve the way they feel.

In conversation Sarah and Louise discuss the multiplying issues affecting teens today, the impacts of comparisons in a world of instagrammers, the terrible power of perception over reality and most critically, how to quickly acquire the skills to challenge anxiety, depression and anger.

Sarah is the best selling author of Change Your Thinking and Louise was for many years the professional voice of Dolly Doctor in that bastion of teen advice Dolly magazine.

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Sami Shah is a comedian, journalist and author, renown for his insightful and often hilarious dissection of the culture, religion and politics of his birthplace of Pakistan and adopted home in Australia.

In this episode Sami shares with us the world of his latest fiction release, "Earth Boy", the conclusion to last year's unique dark urban fantasy "Fire Boy" set above and below the streets of Karachi. Featuring the Djinns of Islamic lore and drawing from the stories of his family, The Boy of Fire and Earth series is a welcome addition to a landscape too often populated by middle class anglo-saxon heroes.

This is a shorter episode than usual, as we break with our format and conduct our conversation on location. Rest assured, Sami shall return for our more traditional deep dive into his rich history in comedy and journalism at another time.

You can find Sami Shah on every type of social media. Seriously, he's a freak for the stuff.  

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Publisher Joel Naoum has been editor, adviser and disciplinarian for many of Australia's biggest authors, advising them to kill more characters and turn their work in on time. A herald for the birth of digital publishing and the proliferation of e-books, in conversation Joel shares what it takes to find, nurture and influence the next generation of bestsellers and looks back at the seismic shift in the economics and distribution channels of traditional publishing. You can find Joel at

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Bestseller Dianne Blacklock has forged a writing career finding the romantic drama of everyday conflict. With nine books on shelves to date and more to follow, Di continues to steal from contemporary life to build a series of complicated heroines facing the familiar challenges of love, family and career. In conversation, Di shares the need for conflict to drive story; the discovery of reading; how family informs a world view; and the sheer Englishness of Enid Blyton.   

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