Conversations IN Noosa

A journey of discovery with the people that call Noosa home.

Everyone has a story! Unearth the story behind the lives of those that call Noosa, Queensland home. Conversations In Noosa will inform, indulge and inspire!

My next guest has been a journalist for many decades, many would remember him as a reporter on Seven Local News. He then took on a role as media advisor with controversial MP Peter Slipper, the former member for Fisher. Richard Bruinsma tells me that there were times when the avalanche of phone calls into Mr Slipper’s office was so great, that he was instructed not to answer the phones. We talk about Richard’s time with Mr Slipper in the podcast you’re about to hear as well as Richard’s own run at politics, where he ran as an independent for a state seat in 2017.

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“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes!” They were artist Andy Warhol’s words back in 1968. Almost 40 years before social media platforms allowed everyday people like you and I to share content with the rest of the world. Long before the term ‘Instafame’ was coined and decades before we’d ever heard of the Kardashian surname.

Elora Murger or Elora Tahiti as she calls herself on Instagram is a former contestant on the Australian version of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise and she’s my next guest on Conversations IN Noosa.

In this pod we talk about growing up in Tahiti, what really goes on behind the scenes of a reality TV show, being Instafamous and can you really make a living from being a social media influencer?

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Unless you’ve served, or you’re part of a family that has members who have served in the military in an active war zone, then your everyday day life is very, very different to the life that my next guest has led. He was a commando in the Australian Army intercepting enemy communications, performing two tours of duty in Afghanistan, one in 2007 and again in 2009 when one of the vehicles he was in, ran over a roadside bomb.

In this podcast Andy Fermo speaks openly and honestly about his military career, his PTSD and what life is like, living in Noosa these days with his wife Claire and two kids.

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Katie Noonan has one of those voices that leaves an indelible mark on your soul once you’ve experienced it. In this podcast we talk about growing up in a home that was brimming with music, the band George that she formed with her brother, Tyrone, her role as Musical Director of the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and her role as Artistic Director of the Queensland Music Festival. Plus, what better gift to give kids, than the opportunity to make music with your friends. Katie’s project School of Rock now enters its third year.

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A reoccurring topic on this podcast has been the subject of moving away or abandoning a corporate lifestyle, chasing the ‘money gods’, as today’s guest says, and living a more meaningful life doing the things that add value to you and your lifestyle. Anne Harris has done exactly that. Anne is from Tree Place and she has an exhibition currently underway at the Noosa Regional Gallery with a comprehensive guide now available in the summer 2018 edition of IN Noosa Magazine, which is out now.

This podcast traces Anne’s childhood, from growing up alongside indigenous communities in Arnhem Land, discovering her passion for art, living the corporate life in Sydney and then relocating to Noosa.

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