Content! Presumably.

A podcast!

Content! Presumably. is a podcast! Kind of like a TV show but if it was ultimately pointless and you couldn't see it.

This month I'm joined by Andy and Alex from the hilarious show "Dinosaur Man Nerdcast" and returning guest Rory M Spence from "Doghair Presents".

We sink our teeth into a crossover fan-fiction that I found that combines the worlds of Sonic The Hedgehog and Harry Potter. It's an experience.

More from Andy and Alex:

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Carlyle is joined by Chris and Ross from Dungens And Dragnos and together they tell some stories, make some mashups, invent some kinks, and altogther have a wild time.

The boys all have a podcast together called "Dungens And Dragnos" in which they homebrew items and monsters and whatever else for use in Dungeons and Dragons. You can check it out here:

You can get in touch with the show by emailing or tweeting @cpresumably .

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In this episode Carlyle is joined by Rory from "Doghair Presents" and "Hangover Reviews" and Harry from "The Ranked List Of Everything". Together they look at some Yahoo Answers, read some famous quotes (with a twist), do some Would You Rather questions, and more!

If you want to reach the show you can find us @cpresumably on facebook and twitter or email us at

For more from Rory check out his great podcast "Doghair Presents":

or his channel "Hangover Reviews":

and for more from Harry check out his sick podcast "The Ranked List Of Everything":

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In this first episode of Content! Presumably. Carlyle is joined by Phil Better and Charlie to help him sort out the marketing for some porn, figure out what disease has been afflicting him, and make a very sexy new Tinder profile.

If you want to get in touch, you can reach the show at or @cpresumably on Twitter.

For more from Phil Better, check out his show at .

And for more from Charlie check out his show "Why Did I Do That?" at: .

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