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From Gentle Horse Trainers to Complimentary Horse Therapists, from people working in Equine Assisted Therapy to Entrepreneurs of the horse industry, we are here to go deep with extraordinary horse people who live their lives making the world a better place for horses. Our weekly interviews will entertain and engage as well as educate horse owners who are always learning and want to know more about these incredible creatures. To follow us on social media you will find us on Facebook @CAFTRPodcast on Instagram comealongfortheride on Twiitter @CAFTRPodcast and on LinkedIn Our website is

In this episode I speak with Hannah Pikkat from It’s Crunch Time. Hannah is 20 years old and is a serious influencer in the world of social media as you will hear her speak about in the interview.

The amazing part about Hannah is the message she spreads to the world of hundreds of thousands of followers. It is one of kindness, positive reinforcement training, and building a long and lasting partnership with your horse in order to do great things together. I believe the word inspirational is used a little too often these days, but I can assure you that Hannah is the perfect person to be inspiring the next generation of horse people.

Wisdom usually comes from age and experience and I’m not sure Hannah really understands the positive impact she is having on the world. However, Hannah is still a very wise young woman and one to take note of for the future. I for one will delight in watching her grow and see what more she goes on to do to make a positive difference to the horse world.

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In this episode I speak with Alexa Linton. Alexa is what this podcast is all about, she is herself bringing consciousness to the horse world through all of her skills which include animal communication, equine sports therapy, kinesiology, BodyTalker, Author and teacher. But most of all, she is a student of the animals she loves.

Hear how her life with animals and working with horses has come about, hear the depth of how far she goes with animals and humans and also hear about the courses she has put together that are incredibly comprehensive and something you may want to look further into.

We are so lucky here on this podcast to have such a high calibre of interviews each week. It excites me to no end to think of all of you working with any one of these people to take your life with your horse more conscious and deep.

For now, sit back, enjoy the ride and everything that the incredible Alexa Linton has to offer.

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In this episode I speak with Cathy Mahon from Life Lesson with Horses. Cathy has a wonderful story of her life so far and how her many years in teaching have brought her to horses and assisting and supporting people in life lessons as a coach, using her herd to help people find their way in life and so much more.

Cathy has an incredible list of skills in her toolbox, one of my favourites is the Centred Riding created by Sally Swift. She has also done some Alexander Technique, liberty horsemanship, dressage and women’s empowerment. She has attended more horsemanship clinics than I could possibly mention.

Now Cathy uses all of her skill that she has acquired through her years of learning and education, to her passion, which is, being a teacher and allowing you to live the life of your dreams.

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In this episode I speak with Jini Patel and boy oh boy she is next level of consciousness in my opinion. As you heard in the snippet, she waits until all the things that we do with horses, are the horses idea!

I know that when someone is talking, and I start to fidget and feel uncomfortable, that my buttons are getting pushed to a place I have been resisting to go. This happened during this interview. Jini pushed my buttons by the end of this podcast, and I mean that in the best way possible. The depth she has gone to with her horses made me so uncomfortable, simply because, I’m not ready to go there, yet! I will get there, I’m just not there yet. There is so much surrender that is needed so I’ll be taking it one step at a time.

This is a long one, as you have probably come to expect from this podcast by now. So grab a cuppa or a glass of wine, enjoy the ride and immerse and challenge yourself in what the amazing Jini has to say.

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In this episode I speak with Kate Neligan from Conscious Rockstar. Kate’s story is fascinating. She works with people and horses as a coach for humans to bring about their real self and to live the best life that they can.

You’ll hear how horses have taught Kate so much and how she is now able to now support others in the lessons her horses taught her. Kate is a beautiful woman who is connected to all things ethereal and is deep. She is also a very clear communicator and owns every part of herself and lets herself shine. She really does embody her business name Conscious Rockstar.

Oh and please keep listening after I say thank you to Kate as I go on to ask her another question about world domination by horses so keep on listening to the end so you can hear our thoughts!

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