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Are the iconic Carry On film comedies simply a stream of innuendo and saucy postcard humour? Special guest Robert Ross joins CinePunked's Robert and Rachael for a reappraisal of the brand as they examine Carry On Sergeant, Carry On Columbus, and rumours of a reboot.

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To mark Hitchcock Day 2019, Robert and Rachael explore the darker side of Alfred Hitchcock's work - his brushes with psychoanalysis and allegations of misogyny.

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Robert and Rachael are obsessed with a film obsessed with an image, and they can't quite agree what it means... Join them as they navigate Chris Marker's sci-fi classic La Jetée, and delve into a discussion about the power of the image and film itself.

With Robert JE Simpson and Dr Rachael Kelly.
Produced by Robert JE Simpson

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CinePunked presents Robert JE Simpson in conversation with filmmaker Anna Biller. In this exclusive chat, Biller discusses her films Viva and The Love Witch, the challenges of filmmaking in Hollywood, #metoo, and female representation on screen.

Anna Biller The Love Witch Viva Feminist Filmmaking Hollywood Metoo Independent film Auteur Interview Robert JE Simpson Exploitation Film Cinema CinePunked

Anna Biller's The Love Witch prompts a rare unified praise from the CinePunked team as they explore feminism, the male gaze, auteurs, and more present in one of the most distinctive and provocative films of the last few years.

With Robert JE Simpson, Dr Rachael Kelly and Ben Simpson.

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