Careers & Mental Health Conversations

Careers & Mental Health Conversations discusses a range of topics focused on the modern work environment, career guidance & mental health

We discuss everything of importance regarding career choices and progress through to mental health at work, creating mentally well workplaces & much more. We feature key experts for specific topics, and keep an eye out for our Friday Rants, on things that have caught our eye that week!

Tina and Pat discuss why we created Australia's first online Workplace Mental Health Induction, the benefits to organisations, the importance of mental wellness programs and how to get a free demonstration at

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Harley Fox is a competitive beast. Over his career in the fitness, boxing & training industry he has completed 3 x professional Muay Thai fights, finished 1 x 54km and 2 x Ultra Beast 42 km Obstacle Courses (and completes smaller ones for fun) & is about to graduate with a Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Harley talks to Pat about how we overcomes fear and anxiety before a big fight or event which includes tips to beat self-sabotage. He also discusses the mental stamina required in order to never quit no matter how gruelling the event is, getting zoned in and his thoughts on the links between & importance of strong mental health as well as with physical health for all competitors

If you are in SEQLD and want to contact Harley about training your teams or yourself for a big event. find out more at:

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Michael shares his journey from workplace stress to brain injury and beyond.

Michael was working as a Maintenance Superintendent in the mining industry in an extremely demanding and stressful environment, when in April 2013, life for Michael and his family changed forever.

Michael tells us about living with an acquired brain injury, along with being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety & Depression.

Michael’s motivation in sharing his personal lived experience story has reached over 100 Countries and helps provide HOPE to people who have had a similar experience, or potentially prevent a similar incident as he has experienced.

HOPE – Hold On, Pain Ends.

You can find out about Michael's current work here:

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Odell Harris is your typical 'mans man'. He loves rugby, trains in jiu jitsu and feels at peace in the ocean surfing.

However it wasn't until Odell reached out to a close mate for help that he realised that he was experiencing anxiety.

We discuss how Odell identified and overcome his anxiety attacks, as well as talk about his passion for podcasting and the impact that setting up a podcast that touches on mental health has had on him personally.

You can follow Odell on Instagram @senseiodell and learn more about his own podcasts at:

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Donna sits down with Sally to share her amazing story regarding the lead up events to attempting suicide right through to her recovery process.

Donna shares with us her ability to undertake activities to improve her mental and physical health including the reframing of negative thoughts and engaging in regular self acceptance and gratitude practices to ensure she can thrive and be shining light and example to others in her personal and professional career.

Disclaimer: For some people the conversation in this podcast may be confronting, and if you aren't feeling at your optimal mental health, you may not want to listen to this episode.
If you or someone you know is in crisis please get help immediately. Call lifeline on 13 11 14 or 000 if life is in danger.

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