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A Candid Advice, Science, Black History and Current Events Podcast

Comedian, Brian Simpson, calmly ranting with advice for fans, his take on pop culture, and always leaving you with a little bit of obscure black history.

This week I talk about Kanye West visiting Trump, the black community and mental health; Apartment Patty and again, why you should mind your damn business; and the most successful black revolutionary in history, Toussaint L’Ouverture aka Black Napoleon.

Toussaint L'Ouverture black revolutionairy mind your business Trump Kanye mental health patty Kanye West Black Napoleaon Napoleon Haiti

This episode I talk about the first police officer since 1980 to be charged with murder in the city of Chicago; the Kavanaugh hearing, and my take on fear of rape accusations; and the first white man to be our black history focus, abolitionist John Brown.

Van Dyke Kavanaugh Blasey Ford John Brown abolitionist Tamir Rice Black Black History History

This episode I talk about the killing of Botham Jean, Katt Williams vs Wanda Smith and why you shouldn't try to roast with a professional comic, and the man who invented the Green Book; Victor Hugo Green.

Green Book Black history Victor Hugo Green Katt Williams Wanda Smith Botham Jean Black History Comedy

This week I talk briefly about the death of Mac Miller, My own personal encounter with stealth racism/classism at a Hollywood screening, and my favorite person in modern Black History; Professor Angela Davis

Black history Black History Angela Davis Racism Mac Miller Stealth racism Hollywood

Today I talk about the Pastor that groped Ariana Grande, the hilarious outrage on the left and right about NIKE and In 'N Out Burger, and the most important person involved with the invention of the light bulb; Lewis Latimer.

Black History Black History NIKE Kaepernick Lewis Latimer Ariana Grande Aretha Franklin