Breaking The Ice

Meet the people behind the climate science.

Who are the climate scientists? How are they coping with the stress of researching the most controversial topic on earth? Are they cracking up or staying ice cool? Join Anthony Sharwood on May 22 for part one of Breaking the Ice, a series of intimate conversations with the people behind the climate science.

Climate science communications expert John Cook wrote the renowned 2013 study which showed that a whopping 97 percent of climate scientists are in consensus about the theory of human-caused climate change. But how can we spread the consensus to people who just won't accept the science? In part one of our two-part chat, John is here to show the way.

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When Australian National University climate scientist Sophie Lewis wrote a column saying why she could never in good conscience have children, it sparked heated debate. Now, one month before she goes on maternity leave, she explains why she's ecstatic to be bringing a child into a warming world.

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When Australian climate scientist Chris Turney got stuck in the ice, his Antarctic expedition became a fight for life. But that was only the beginning of his troubles. The real struggle was for credibility in the face of hostile bloggers and media who viciously mocked the the idea of an ice-bound expedition which had been studying melting ice. Three years after the event, Chris Turney is finally setting the record straight.

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Breaking The Ice will be back in late July with more from the people behind the climate science. 

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Climate scientist Peter Kalmus works for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. But he's not planning to get on a jet anytime soon, because he has given up flying. In fact this keen cyclist, urban beekeeper and chicken farmer has abandoned nearly all activities requiring fossil fuels. His incredible life transformation is brilliantly documented in his book "Being The Change". But why the radical lifestyle shift? Is he trying to save the world? Ah, well it's not that simple...

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