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We hit our 10th episode! Huge milestone for us as we I don't think we would've continued without some listeners. Thank you to everyone listening!

In today's podcast, Gavin and Kaleb talk about one of the craziest car modification companies in the world. Hennessey Performance provides a lot of unique car transformations and horsepower upgrades to some already insane vehicles. Join us as we talk about the 6x6 Ford Raptor and the Exorcist (1000HP Camaro).

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The ultimate of the ultimate Lamborghinis, the track monster and the record holder for the Nurburgring over the Porsche 911 GT2RS - the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. If you have the chance to ever see one get a picture next to it, you might not see one again! Join Bran Auto Podcast as we look at the SVJ, one of Lamborghini's many insane vehicles.

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As modern technologies are making cars better, car manufactures are making sure to have every vehicle on the lineup upgraded. This even goes into the crossove SUV, which is now getting sportier and increased HP ratings. These new crossover SUV's provide the utility of an SUV while at the same time adding sportier features and engine upgrades. If you haven't already follow us on Instagram @BranAutoPodcast and thanks for listening!

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