Bird Talk

Mallacoota bird enthusiasts chat with Sue Hines

Sue Hines chats with fellow bird enthusiasts on her 3-weekly Saturday Breakfast Show on 3MGB

Leonie Daws and Sue talk about hooded plovers, and much much more.

hooded plovers terns

Leonie Daws chats with Sue about the changes brought about by the current long spell of dry weather

Bob (Bushy Bob) Semmens has spent a full life observing and nurturing wildlife in Croajingolong National Park. He recently published a stunning photo of a pair of egrets in the Mallacoota Mouth. He joins Sue for an interesting chat about his life and the birds he has observed in this district.

egrets pelicans

Attracting birds; bird baths; what NOT to do etc

bird baths bower birds

Mallacoota birds through the eyes of a newcomer