Behind the Media

Conversations with Australia's leading media identities

Stephen Brook, The Australian's media diarist speaks with journalists, writers, editors and analysts about the state of Australia's media industry, as well as their own careers.

The legendary former anchor of 7:30 Report and Four Corners discusses the "punishment" behind the governments ABC cuts, how the public broadcaster must mobilise, the trick to getting a good interview, why he admires John Howard and his forthcoming book.

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International guest Richard Lloyd Parry is the Asia Editor of The Times newspaper.

He’s the author of Ghosts Of The Tsunami, a book about how that disaster devastated a community in northern Japan in 2011, and People Who Eat Darkness about the disappearance of a British woman in Tokyo and the attempts by her killer to sue him for libel.

Lloyd Parry has worked for The Independent and The Times and reported from most of Asia's trouble spots including Indonesia and Afghanistan. He speaks about about whether foreign correspondents have a future, how to use a pseudonym to sneak into Burma, and where he keeps Osama Bin Laden’s underwear.

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Zemiro is the host with the most; she’s the face of Home Delivery on ABC, RocKwiz on SBS and calls herself the midwife of Eurovision in Australia. And she's about to present All Together Now, a big budget singing show on Channel 7.

Born in France, Julia went to a French school in Bondi, studied drama and did improv and was an actress before becoming a TV host and interviewer.

She talks about why she won't present Eurovision again, if RocKwiz will ever come back, plus her talents in getting showbusiness veterans to open up in interviews.

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At 34, the indefatigable Markson is the national political editor for The Daily Telegraph.

She broke the news that Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce was having a love child with a former staffer, which cost him his job, and explains how the Canberra Press Gallery works.

Sharri spent a year editing Cleo magazine, was media editor of The Australian, won a Walkley award at Seven news, convinced a wealthy businessman to let her have her wedding on his private country estate despite his initial refusal. And recounts how she got access to a survivor of the 2005 London Bombing Victim when no one else could or would. 

And there’s the time the ABC baked her a birthday cake.

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A senior presence at the Nine Network's 60 Minutes, investigative journalist Ross Coulthart talks about why he is departing, and what he might to do next.

 The former lawyer who has worked at the ABC, Seven and Nine, is discouraged about the state of television to investigate stories, he says it lacks the sufficient budgets and attracting audiences are a problem. US start-ups such as The Intercept might be able to fix the formula.

 Coulthart accuses the ABC of mishandling the return of the Cabinet Files and recalls the ABC's different approach during his days on Four Corners. And if you want to leak him a story, don’t call him on your mobile. It’ll only end badly, due to the chilling effect of metadata laws. Write a letter instead.

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