Beef Australia 2018 Podcasts

Australia's National Beef Expo

Australia’s national beef expo is one of the world’s great beef cattle events and is held just once every three years in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. To catch up on all of the excitement from BA2018, check out our Podcasts. Beef Australia 2021 will be held from May 2 to 8 and will be a celebration of all facets of the Australian beef industry. It will facilitate new trade and export opportunities by exposing the local supply chain to the international industry leaders; it will feature more than 5000 cattle from over 30 breeds; a trade fair promoting more than 500 businesses; a symposium, seminars and property tours to deliver new research information to producers; and restaurants, celebrity chefs and cooking demonstrations for visitors to appreciate the quality and flavour of Australian beef.

Beef Australia hosted the inaugural Pitch in the Paddock - putting 8 startups on stage to pitch to not just a panel of judges but a room full of industry heavyweights.  Jayne Cuddihy and Fleur Anderson spoke to Jess Webb, Heidi Smith from Allquotes Direct, Nick Dyer from Fluxx, Chris Balazs from Farmgate MSU, Framk Wooten - Vence Corp, Jordy Kitchske - MEQ Prob,  Ben Ven Delden - Head of AgTech and Markets at KPMG, Glen Richards - Veterinary Physician, entrepeneur and a Shark on Shark Tank and Susan McDonald - Managing director Super Butcher.

3500 school children toured Beef Australia, Jayne Cuddihy spoke to Ku Lacey - Coordinator of the Schools Program, Greg Mills - FutureGen Education, Holly Lambert - Fitzroy Basin Association, Rachel Cliff - Telstra and students.

The Stud Cattle displays and competitions are a centrepiece of the Beef Australia program, Jayne Cuddihy spoke to Russell Hughes - Chair of the Stud Cattle Committee, Cherie Gooding - Young Paraders Judge, Brett Nobbs of NCC Brahmans in Duringa, Chief Judge of Champion of Champions, Young Paraders, Darren and Jason Childs, Glenlands Droughtmasters, Young Parader entries.

Many people come away from Beef with information overload.  With over 45 seminars over 5 days, it's hard to make it to everything that peaks your interest.  One of the stronger themes in the 2018 expo was sustainability of the many facets of the beef industry and so it was the perfect time to launch the first year update in the beef Sustainability Framework.  Jayne Cuddihy spoke to Bryce Camm - Vice Chair of the Board of Directors at Beef Australia, Don Mackay - Chair of the Red Meat Advisory Council and Susan McDonald, Managing Director of Super Butcher.

Australian Beef Sustainability Beef Australia 2018

The Beef Handshakes program is a specialised networking and targeted business liaison program.  Jayne Cuddihy speaks to Brendan Golding - Chair of the International Committee for BA2018 Handshakes participants.

Beef Australia Handshakes International business matching program Australian Beef