Austrade China Podcast

Introducing market entry tips and inspirational stories in China for Australian businesses.

Introducing market entry tips and inspirational stories in China for Australian businesses.

CEO of the Export Group Mr Matthew McKenzie joined the show recently and shared his observations and recommendations for Australian businesses to establish productive presence on the ground, not only in the familiar metropolises like Beijing or Shanghai, but also in the more complex layers of municipalities and cities like Changsha to find the market for your business.
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China has demonstrated its ambitious plans in large-scale infrastructural construction projects and initiatives including hundreds of miles of high-speed rail, a new city "Xiong'An" just south of Beijing, amongst many others. However, how could Australian design and infrastructural excellence and capability leverage this massive scale of opportunities? Trade Commissioner Beijing Mr Matthew Brent joined the show recently and shared his views on how Australian businesses should prepare themselves for this dynamic market where global capabilities are all in competition for this market's appetite.
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Agri-business makes up a key pillar in the Australia-China trade relationship. With the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), exciting cases have been emerging in this sector continuously. Austrade Shanghai Business Development Manager Kevin Wang joined the show and shared some observations regarding Australia's advantages, China's market needs, and the future trends in this primary sector.
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Austrade China recently had the pleasure to have Australian Paralympic Gold Medalist Lindy Hou joining the show from Guangzhou. She talked about her journey growing up and continued the pursuit of dreams in spite of the vision impairment. She also shared critical empowering messages to the younger generation who suffered from vision impairment or other kinds of disabilities during her visit to Guangzhou.
"It's important for each and every one of us to have something to aim and aspire for. We can't always fulfil everything we dream about, but the fact that we have a goal and dream would certainly help us get a step closer to that point in life than not having one at all."
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Biotech, Medtech, Pharmaceutical, and other health-related sectors enjoy shared focuses of both Australian and Chinese researchers, industries, governments and beyond. Collaboration between these two countries and around the world have been prosperous and productive. Petri Exchange, a Sydney-based company, is also looking into these sectors by identifying edge-cutting health technologies, supporting innovations to thrive, and providing a new way to invest in biotechnologies.
Both Cofounders, Andrew and Phil, during their Shanghai Landing Pad journey, joined us today to talk about the synergies between Australia's world-leading research and their collaboration and application in China alongside their very own adventure of entering the China market.
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