A bit o' business Zen

Small business and freelance meditations designed to help you keep your calm.

A bit o' business Zen is a cross over between the idea of a guided meditation and common business and freelance problems. Join Rebekah Lambert on 9 minute journeys of reflection and movement through the hard ideas and rough patches inherent in business life. Includes all kinds of business moments and musings where stress may be heightened and a bit o' Zen required.

Kicking off series two of the 9 minute business meditation series with a meander through my self-talk related to perfectionism and Imposter Syndrome. The over-thinking moments where we worry too much about how the audience will receive the work instead of focussing on the creation at hand. 

freelance business small business freelance jungle inspiration imposter syndrome perfectionism

As busy, applied people, we can find it difficult to switch off during nights, weekends and holidays. This 9 minute business meditation examines the ways you can understand that drive to work and counter it with positive relaxation, creative and self care ideas. 

business stress reduction overwork

Are you suffering self doubt? Worried about the direction you are taking with your business? Copped a few prickly situations and/or clients that have knocked the wind out of your sails? Can't seem to get paid or feel comfortable? Then take out 9 minutes of your day and grab hold of some empowerment, freelance style. Want more empowerment? Join me June 7th at TAPP Gallery for the Future of Work is Freelance as part of Vivid Ideas 

freelancing business freelance empowerment self doubt

Are you finding you do anything and everything else but the task at hand? Dig into the whys and wherefores related to procrastination with this handy meditation. It's 9 minutes of business Zen for you! 

business meditation procrastination focus freelance freelancelife

Are you juggling many things and finding yourself feeling increasingly stressed in the process? Here's a 9 minute meditation designed to remind you that busy season may seem hard, but that you do have some control. 

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