Episode Notes

By the wonders of modern technology – FaceTime, in this case – Ken and Steve cover all the latest news from the last week, including Samsung’s new UHD Blu-ray, Sony Experia Z5, the new Moto 360, Samsung Gear S2, Sony’s Wena watch, Apple Watch apps, 5G, Intel’s Skylake chips, a new modular PC from Acer, Mac and iOS security issues, a scary new Asus router, Huawei has ‘Force Touch’, updates to Google’s logo/branding, Docs, LinkedIn, Cortana, Apple Pay in the UK, Facebook hits a billion daily users, and the up-coming Apple event!

​Show Notes:

Samsung debuts world’s first ultra-high definition Blu-ray player

Even if it weren’t the world’s first 4K phone, the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium has a lot going on

For Motorola’s latest smartwatch, it’s all about freedom of choice

Samsung Announces Round ‘Gear S2’ Smart Watch

Sony’s Wena Watch

AirBnB Apple Watch app announced

Ericsson Plans 5G Showcase at 2018 Winter Olympics

Intel’s Skylake chips to power PCs as thin as tablets, with big battery boost

Stack your own modular computer with the Acer Revo Build Series

Attacks accessing Mac keychain without permission date back to 2011

This router will be the last thing you see before the internet consumes you

Huawei beats Apple to Force Touch in new phones

Google Docs update

New Google logo/branding

LinkedIn messenger update

Apple Pay payments in UK raised to 30GBP

Cortana updates

One billion FB users in one day

Apple event