Episode Notes

All the latest news from Gmail, YouTube gaming, Facebook M, Amazon Fire phone, security concerns for Tor and Android, Rovio redundancies, Windows 10 uptake, Office 2016 coming soon for Windows, the impending Apple keynote, Logic Pro update, Finnish schools integrate computer programming, a new Samsung promotion, goodbye to Evernote Food (if you even knew it existed anyway), Instagram is no longer square, and Guillermo’s thoughts on some recently reviewed transit apps.

​Show Notes:

Gmail + Calendar

Youtube gaming launched

Facebook M

Fire Phone for 130USD (inc Prime)

Concerns new Tor weakness is being exploited prompt dark market shutdown

Major Android remote-access vulnerability is now being exploited [Updated]

Rovio, maker of Angry Birds, axes over one-third of its employees

Windows 10 installed on 75 million devices after just a month of availability

Office 2016 for Windows coming on September 22

Apple keynote

Free Apple Logic Pro 10.2 update brings back famed Alchemy synth

Computer programming for Finnish schoolchildren

Samsung Launches $1 Trial Program for iPhone Users

Evernote Food expires

Instagram update

– Transit app reviews


Commuter Pro