Episode Notes

Some great Helsinki transit app recommendations this week, as well as advice on getting a new SIM/broadband connection here in Finland, as well as all the latest news from Amazon, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, the Ashley Madison hack/leak, Apple Music, new Vaio computers, a new Sony fitness tracker, Blackberry, Intel’s new Skylake chip, Samsung Gear S2, Jolla tablet pre-orders, and rumours of new Microsoft hardware.

​Show Notes:

Working for Amazon

Amazon rebuttal

Google’s project Ara to be delayed

Google Hangouts web page

Google router

Google gets struck

Facebook overtakes Google as main referral for news

Facebook wants you to blog

WhatsApp for web playing nice with iOS soon

Ashley Madison hacked data leaked

Apple defends against Apple Music “report”

Vaio computers to return to the US to woo high-end consumers

Sony adds new tricks to its smartwatch-like fitness tracker

BlackBerry Venice phone, running Android, said to arrive in November

Intel’s Skylake Chips Will Drive Three 4K Monitors at 60Hz

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch makes its fashion debut

Surface Pro 4 and new Lumias inbound? Microsoft hardware event tipped for October

Jolla tablet pre-orders

– App reccomendation: Steps

Ken’s Steps review

– App recommendation: Telegram

– App recommendation: Transporter

– App recommendation: Commuter Pro

– Listener question: Broadband and mobile connections in Finland