Episode Notes

The latest news and rumours about Google I/O, Google Fibre, how Guillermo thinks we could all be using emoji wrong, the latest Pebble Time reviews, OS X, Photoshop, Pixelmator, a promotion for Sir Jony Ive, CarPlay and Android Auto, up-coming Apple Watch SDK, WWDC, texts crashing iOS, Cortana, Periscope for Android, Ken’s new MacBook review and Anu’s leaving party.

​Show Notes:

Google I/O

Google Fibre doesn’t like pirates

We’re All Using These Emoji Wrong

Pebble Time review

New OS X beta dumps discoveryd, restores mDNSResponder to fix DNS bugs

Photoshop gets axed on iOS as Adobe preps replacement

Pixelmator releases iPhone app (free for existing iPad owners)

Jony Ive’s promotion

Chevrolet Bringing CarPlay and Android Auto to 14 New 2016 Models Later This Year

Improved Apple Watch SDK will drastically improve third-party apps this fall

Text disabling iOS devices

Cortana coming to Android and iOS

Twitter brings Periscope to Android

Anu leaving / MeetUp – 4th June

Ken’s 2015 new MacBook review

– App recommendation: WWDC app