Episode Notes

All the latest news of the week in tech world, including a Tidal follow-up, finding your Android device, Google Search, Chrome updates, YouTube on older devices, Android Wear, WhatsApp going for a billion and pushes a new iOS update, Twitter testing new functionality and rolling out a new DM option, get a OnePlus One without an invite, Ikea’s wireless charging furniture, Norway shutting down FM radio, the record-breaking Maglev train in Japan, Windows 10 release soon, AdBlock in court, and HBO vs VPN users.

​Show Notes:

Follow up: Tidal and importing your playlists from Spotify

Google launches ‘find my phone’

Google’s ‘mobilegeddon’

Chrome installed on your mobile? You can now be tracked

YouTube app on older devices may no longer work

Android Wear Updated To Challenge Apple Watch

WhatsApp on course for a billion active users

WhatsApp iOS updated with call support

Twitter testing feature that recognises/blocks abuse

Twitter DMs for everyone!

Get a OnePlus One without an invite. OnePlus 2 coming soon?

Ikea wireless charging (adaptors for non-wireless)

In 2017, Norway will be first country to shut down FM radio

Japanese maglev train breaks world speed record for second time in a week

AMD claims Win 10 to release in late July

AdBlock wins in court

VPN users cut off from HBO Now

– App recommendation: Hooks for iOS